Little Miss Goes to Seaworld

10 Jul

On the holidays we decided to take my niece to Seaworld for one last visit before our passes ran out

…and I’m certain that everyone else with passes decided to do the very same thing that day.

I’ve NEVER seen it so crowded.

But Little Miss wanted to see the polar bears again so we braved the crowds

174 (Small)

and were rewarded with our very best viewing of the polar bears EVER.

019 (Small)

Little Miss also caught another showing of her favourite Dora show

035 (Small)

much to my boys distress, and Little Miss’ great pleasure.

068 (Small)

Once again we tried to coax Little Miss to touch the sea creatures in the touch tank

but were once again told,

“I don’t like them!”

091 (Small)

In the aquarium, we saw a new species of ‘fish.

104 (Small)

Better him than me.

There’s NO way you’d get me in one of those tanks!

134 (Small)

We also saw the penguins being fed

193 (Small)

and checked on the progress of the penguin chick, one final time.

207 (Small)

And, because it’s an important part of a visit to Seaworld, we finished with an icecream,

much to Little Miss’ delight.

235 (Small)

P.S.  We also saw the Creatures of the Deep attraction again

but Little Miss didn’t like that either

so we had to rush her through as big tears of terror rolled down her little cheeks.

Girls are so different to boys!

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