Another Book About the Bayeux Tapestry

18 Jul

This week we read another book about the Bayeux Tapestry,

and I wanted to share as there are too few great children’s books on this topic.


The book was called “The Story of a Conquest”

and it told the story of the Battle of Hastings

as it was illustrated on the Bayeux Tapestry.


The book was excellent.

The text was appropriately detailed,

the images of the tapestry were very clear

and there were also elements of the tapestry selected for enlargement.

003 (Small)

The pages in the book were also colour coded to highlight where the action was occurring.

Green borders indicated that the action was happening in England,

004 (Small)

blue borders pointed to scenes on the sea,

005 (Small)

yellow borders were linked to scenes in Normandy,

006 (Small)

while red was the colour for battle scenes.

007 (Small)

At the end of the book were several pages of additional information.

008 (Small)

There was even a quiz at the end of the book.

009 (Small)

This book, “The Story of a Conquest”, combined with “The Bayeux Tapestry”, which we read earlier,

has given us a wonderful look into the Battle of Hastings.

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