Another Great Book – “Heart and Soul”

18 Jul

All year long, we have been reading about the history of African Americans.

We’re coming to a close now, I think (but can not promise),

and so we read “Heart and Soul – The Story of America and African Americans”

to tie everything back together.
010 (Small)

This was a wonderful book.

It reads like a grandmother or grandfather telling you a story.

The author even calls the reader, “Honey” on occasion,

as though you are sitting on their knee listening.

013 (Small)

The book starts, not at the beginning of slavery, but at the American Revolution.

It then takes the reader through slavery, the Civil War, reconstruction, Jim Crow’s law, the Great Migration, World War 2, and the struggles for equality.

011 (Small)

The illustrations, as well as the text, are wonderful.

There are full page, and often times double page illustrations through the book,

adding to the overall value of this text.

012 (Small)

At the end of the book, there are also quite a number of discussion questions and classroom activities that you can ultise.

014 (Small)

If I had to choose between “Heart and Soul” or “From Slave Ship to Freedom Road”, (which we read earlier,)

I would definitely choose “Heart and Soul”, although both books are excellent.

While the illustrations in both are superb, “Heart and Soul” is more detailed and the language more eloquent.

It’s also the better choice for a younger and more sensitive child.

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