What a Day!

28 Jul

The day started off beautifully.

I put on a load of washing while the boys did their grammar

and then we sat down for a really good reading session.

We started with Bible as always

and then we read, “I Have a Dream”, which is a fantastic book.

001 (Small)

The book contains a cd of Martin Luther King giving his speech and illustrates the most famous portion of the speech.

003 (Small)

The cd contains the whole speech and we were able to follow along with the complete text at the end of the book.

004 (Small)

Next, we began reading the Canterbury Tales as adapted by Barbara Cohen.  This is a great introductory version.

005 (Small)

The author selected four of the tales and retells them in a way suitable to children.

We read through the introduction (wishing we had more information about Geoffrey Chaucer), the prologue and the Nun’s Priest’s Tale.

007 (Small)

The boys really enjoyed the story.

You can always tell – they snuggle closer to me as I read and audibly anticipate what is going to happen.

Plus their narrations are more animated and less like pulling teeth.

009 (Small)

Next, we read “The Merchant of Venice” from Nesbit’s “Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare”.

Again, we enjoyed the story and Nesbit’s retelling.

We were on such a roll!

006 (Small)

We read another chapter from “The Wonder Book of Chemistry”

and were so intrigued by what we read

that we headed to youtube after our reading

to see with our own eyes those things we’d read about.

Did you know that metals burn?!  They do.  Seriously.  We saw it with our own eyes.

010 (Small)

Following Science, we read another chapter of “The Story of King Arthur”.

This chapter was rather funny.

(Howard Pyle’s version is an excellent choice.

Yes, its language is tricky but it’s so worth the extra effort.)

012 (Small)

After all this reading, we were starving so we put our lunch on to cook

and, while we waited, we decided to read a chapter or two of “The Burning Time”.

Well that was the plan.

Instead we had a different ‘burning time’ and this is where our day took a turn for the worse.

011 (Small)

Brayden accidentally put his pasta in the microwave to cook and forgot to add water.

After five minutes of cooking, we heard an almighty bang and a flash of light from the microwave.

I knew immediately what had happened

as I’ve made the same mistake myself.

001 (Small)

I grabbed the microwave plate, with toxic smoke billowing out of the microwave and the dish, and threw the whole lot out in the yard.

There was no fire thankfully, just lots of smoke and the hideous fumes that come from melted plastic.

Thankfully we have lots of windows and doors in our house and could rush around opening everything to try and clear the smoke and smell.

We couldn’t stay in the house so we had to wait out on the patio for our house to be once again become habitable.

Even once the smoke had cleared, the smell was just awful (and is still pretty offensive to the nostrils),

so I decided to wipe out the microwave and put some bicarb in a bowl within it.

002 (Small)

As I opened the cupboard door to get a bowl, the hinge on the cupboard door snapped off!

When it rains, it pours!

005 (Small)

As it was the top hinge, I had to remove the whole door.

Fun, fun, fun.

004 (Small)

After 5 minutes in the kitchen removing the door, I couldn’t stand the smell from the microwave for another minute

so it was evicted.

It now sits out on the patio waiting for hubby to take it to the dump.

(That microwave was brilliant white inside before the ‘incident’ and that scorch staining that remains is the lightened version after scrubbing.

It’d also burned a hole right through the white coating so I doubt it’s safe to use again.)

003 (Small)

After evicting the microwave, it still wasn’t pleasant (or probably safe) to stay inside for long

so we ate our lunch on the patio

and followed it with a Math lesson.

It was a very cold lesson out on the patio.

018 (Small)

Eventually the smell improved and we could return indoors

(our house is STILL freezing after all the cold air we let in today!)

but the kitchen, dining and family room areas were still stinky

so we found other places to work.

To finish off our day, Brayden did some reading and finished drafting an essay on Rosa Parks,

while Ethan finished the editing on his essay.

016 (Small)

After school we did some chores.

(We had to keep moving as the house was freezing and we couldn’t close the windows!)

We tidied, folded and put away laundry and even vacuumed.

After that I did some microwave research and selected a new microwave to purchase.

I texted hubby the details and he picked it up on the way home.

We can’t live without a microwave.

Hubby even took the broken hinge to the hardware store to try and find a replacement.

That wasn’t quite as successful but we have a possible replacement which we can try.

So that was our day.

It started out so well

and made a dramatic unexpected turn.

But all’s well that ends well.

And to ensure our day doesn’t spiral out in the same way in the future,

a boy has placed this warning on the new microwave…

009 (Small)


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