Ekka 2015

21 Aug

This year we went to the Ekka with my sister and her daughter, my niece, Little Missy.

Isn’t she cute?

132 (Small)

Our first stop was to initiate Little Missy into the world of showbags.

She thought that was a wonderful place!

That’s a sugar high you can see on the kid’s face,

and she hadn’t even left the showbag pavilion!

001 (Small)

Showbag Pavilion is a favourite place for young and old.

002 (Small)

After stocking up on sugar

and stashing the loot in lockers,

we took Little Missy to see the animals.

She wanted to pat the piggies.

026 (Small)

At least she thought she wanted to pat the piggies.

When she got up close and personal with the piglets, she clung like a koala bear to Uncle Liam.

032 (Small)

She also had second thoughts about feeding the sheep and goats.

057 (Small)

Up close, they looked a lot less approachable than she had imagined.

061 (Small)

My little men happily fed the animals while the adults tried to coax Little Missy to pat the animals.

 051 (Small)

Eventually, Little Missy found some animals she liked –

the cute fluffy little ducklings.

They were more her size.

088 (Small)

After the animals we checked out the exhibitions.

113 (Small)

I must say, we were disappointed with the quality and quantity of exhibitions this year.

120 (Small)

The rides of course were an important part of the day

…at least that’s what my boys reckon.

171 (Small)

And Dodgem Cars are their absolute favourite.

172 (Small)

Maybe we’ll have a third little driver in a couple of years.

181 (Small)

Until then, Little Missy had to be satisfied with a train ride.

She seemed to thoroughly enjoy it though.

212 (Small)

And after we mortgaged our houses and bought tickets, we went for a few spins on the Ferris Wheel.

246 (Small)

The thing I love about going to the Ekka with little people

is getting to relive things that my own men are getting a little too old to do.

Well not too old yet.

One of my men opted for a turn on the clowns.

228 (Small)

In the evening we enjoyed the arena events.

Little Missy enjoyed the sheep trials

and the horses.

253 (Small)

But when the noisy stunt motorcycles

269 (Small)

and even more awesome monster trucks arrived on the scene,

286 (Small)

Little Missy was none too impressed.

She fled back to her Mummy’s arms, pulled her scarf over her eyes and hid her face.

280 (Small)

My boys however came to life.

They thought the dogs and horses were boring

but the vehicles were brilliant.

(I totally agree with them!)

279 (Small)

Minutes later, we glanced down at Little Missy and found

that her day was just too big.

She slept through the rest of the events,

326 (Small)

and once again she missed the fireworks.

404 (Small)

But I think she had an excellent day,

as did the rest of us.


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