Have We Been to the Zoo?

25 Aug

Nope, not at the zoo.

Just at Grandma and Grandad’s house.

These peacocks roam wild on my parents’ property.

086 (Small)


Below is proof.

That’s my car and the swing you may have seen Little Missy in.

And those are a few of the wild birds.

071 (Small)

Strangers have mistaken them for pets.

One lady even came to the door to let my parents know that ‘their’ peacocks had escaped

and were in the carpark across the road.

But they are just wild birds that have taken a liking to my parents’ place.

We’ve seen a couple of bunches of chicks over the years.

035 (Small)

The peacocks are really gorgeous when they are displaying their fanned tails.

Apparently it’s part of their courtship, but it also seems to be a display of might and dominance.

082 (Small)

They just flip up their tail feathers

and wander around intimidating other males and impressing the females.

022 (Small)

Did you know that their tail display is often accompanied by a quivering-type feather noise?

Listen carefully during this video and you’ll hear it.

peacock from Liam on Vimeo.

And when they are done strutting around as proud as peacocks,

they just fold their tails in and down.

032 (Small)

Generally peacocks don’t use their tails to intimidate humans.

They’re just like any bird and would rather take flight than risk getting too close.

You did know that they can fly, didn’t you?

They also roost in trees.

Try and imagine what a ‘party’ of peacocks sound like on a tin patio roof.

Yes a group of peacocks is called a party.

068 (Small)

Oh and technically a peacock is the male bird – he’s the bloke with the pretty tail and the iridescent blue colour.

The female bird is called a peahen and she’s rather dull and unattractive in comparison.

045 (Small)

We wouldn’t recommend them as pets though.

While pretty and unusual, they have a number of disagreeable habits.

They are particularly noisy.

When they aren’t jumping on the roof and scaring the death out of you,

they are honking up a storm.

Oh and beware where you park your car.

If you park too close to the house, these birds, with their great big claws for feet,

will use your car as a jump down from the roof.

And shall we mention the doo-doo.

Let me just say, watch where you walk.

It’s everywhere!

038 (Small)

But for all their faults,

they are still a gorgeous bird

to have roaming around your property.

I’m just glad they are at Mum and Dad’s place and not mine.


087 (Small)


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2 responses to “Have We Been to the Zoo?

  1. Jen

    August 26, 2015 at 8:35 am

    Yes I like to see them at other places but I would not like to own them!

  2. infinitycreations (@InfinityCreate)

    January 25, 2018 at 4:51 am

    Amazing photos! The children loved your post and photos πŸ™‚


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