Our School Day Today

01 Sep

I’ve been looking for an average school day to share

and since today seemed pretty average

here are the details.


We started with Bible, reading about the exodus from Egypt.

We reviewed Psalm 23.

We over-learn our verses to make sure they stick long term.

We also read about gift-giving in “50 Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know”.

018 (Small)

We reviewed the countries of Africa.

We just chant through them once each day.

Once again we over-learn these as they quickly fade otherwise.

019 (Small)

We read a couple of Korean stories.

“The Green Frogs” is a simple story with a powerful message about obedience.

017 (Small)

“Maya and the Turtle” was a Korean fairy tale.

We enjoyed all of the little notes about Korean life in this book.

After reading both of these Korean books, the boys narrated the stories back to me.

015 (Small)

We only read several pages of “K is for Korea”.

We’ll read the whole book over the duration of the week.

Each page was narrated.

016 (Small)

We’ll be attending a Shakespeare performance of “The Comedy of Errors”

so we read a simplified version of the story.

Next week we’ll read the real deal.

014 (Small)

We read “The Boston Tea Party”

after an interest recently developed in the event.

The boys took turns narrating the book.

013 (Small)

By this point in the day, my load of washing was ready to hang.

First we had to remove a dry load, left on the line from the previous day.

I folded the washing straight from the line and the boys ran around the house putting the laundry away.

While I was hanging the wet load of washing, the boys completed their daily grammar task –

parsing a sentence and diagramming a sentence.

022 (Small)

When I returned, we reviewed appositive phrases

020 (Small)

and created our own to combine two sentences into one.

021 (Small)

Then we settled in for yet more reading.

Our mornings are our content period

(and our afternoons are skill focused).

Next on the reading list was “The Wonder Book of Chemistry”.

We read the chapter about carbonic-acid gas

and went looking for a picture of the Dog’s Grotto that was described in the chapter.

The boys also narrated the chapter.

012 (Small)

We read the chapter, “Life in a Manor” from “When Knights Were Bold”.

We narrated it a portion at a time as the chapters are quite long.

011 (Small)

We read another chapter in “The Story of King Arthur”

finishing the story of Sir Pellias.

010 (Small)

At this point we paused briefly to put our lunch on to cook

and then returned to read our first chapter of

“A Single Shard”.

After narrating the chapter we had to jump online

and look at some images of celadon pottery.

009 (Small)

During our lunch break, we watched a Korean fan dance

that we’d read about in one of our Korean books.

It was beautiful.

008 (Small)

Some of our jigsaw puzzle was also completed during our break.

033 (Small)

During lunch, I stumbled on a website about Australian currency

that absolutely fascinated us!

First we read about each of the people on the notes.

Then we explored all of the images on the notes.

But our favourite part was exploring all of the security features on our currency.

This amused us for ages and was also the lesson we narrated back to Daddy when he came home.

003 (Small)

With our lunch break finished, I attempted to print out a page I needed for our Math lesson.

And so began a 45 minute long struggle with my printer.


We use a continuous supply ink system with our new printer

and the two aren’t as compatible as our other set up.

So I have a plan that will solve my printer problems (I hope) and it involves the two tools pictures below.

(Rest assured, I’ll be blogging the event!)

032 (Small)

Finally we got our Math pages printed and could start our Math lesson.

We sat together and worked algebra problems for about an hour.

(That’s my Math book in the middle of the boys.

I do the same Math to make sure I can help them

…and because I quite enjoy it.)

023 (Small)

Then the boys parted ways.

Ethan went to his desk to complete an essay he is writing about one of the element on the Periodic Table.

030 (Small)

Brayden remained with me to work on spelling rules.

We reviewed what he’d learned about -sion and -tion,

we reviewed suffixes

and then learned about prefixes.

He then spelled example words with the tiles.

027 (Small)

Brayden then completed a watercolour painting he’d been working on.

While Brayden worked on his painting,

I collected my washing off the line

and began tea.

034 (Small)

After tea, we watched another episode

of “Tudor Monastery Farm”.

We watch a documentary every evening.


And that complete our school day today.




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3 responses to “Our School Day Today

  1. Jen in Oz

    September 2, 2015 at 12:32 pm

    We seem to be getting a pattern of starting our day with little snippets of critical thinking, a quick Daily Grammar lesson and working on our memory tasks. The boys are still dragging on memory things but I am encouraging them to think or recall faster so it is useful down the track. As their brains get warmed up we can then manage the heavier writing tasks. They like being read to but I am not sble to do more than 4 chapters at a sitting at the moment. I guess I will get better. ☺

    Best wishes
    Jen in Qld

    • Tracey

      September 2, 2015 at 12:43 pm

      It’s taken me ages to get my voice up to a point of being able to read what we read. One or two more books beyond this and my voice starts giving out. And after holidays, my voice gets weary much faster. But we love our read alouds. 🙂

  2. Petra

    September 7, 2015 at 6:51 am

    Thanks for the link to the RBA banknotes 🙂 Also, love Brayden’s watercolour – beautiful!


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