I Fixed My Printer!

06 Sep


Yes, these implements can be used to fix a printer!

032 (Small)

First I turned on my audio book,

because this fix was

a very big and difficult job.

Bigger than I had imagined in my head.

025 (Small)

So what was the problem I needed to fix with a knife and a hacksaw blade?

Let me give you the back story first.

We use a continuous ink supply system (CISS) with our printer which we absolutely love.

But recently we had to get a new printer and a new CISS unit,

however, this new unit didn’t work smoothly with our new printer.

The ink tubing kept getting stuck and twisted and jamming the machine.

You can’t imagine how frustrating it was to print.

Every print job was a headache.

So I came up with my crazy plan to fix the printer

by hacking out the plastic that was blocking the smooth movement of the tubing.

Hubby shook his head and laughed when I told him what I planned to do

but he found me my tools

and today I went to work.

(All that plastic wrap is to prevent plastic shavings from falling into the printer.)

011 (Small)

Somehow I had imagined it would be an easy job.

But I was delusional.

Who knew that plastic was so hard to cut!

At first I thought I was fighting a losing battle.

All I managed were a few scratches in the plastic

but after some persistent effort (and time)

I’d managed to hack in about 1mm.

A pathetic effort but there was at least hope

if I was prepared to put in the hours of work.

013 (Small)

I was prepared!

I need my printer.

I love my printer and my CISS unit.

So I was dedicated to making this work.

Doesn’t that last photo makes it look like a breeze.

Just cutting away the offending piece of plastic.

Easy peasey.

Yeah, right!

015 (Small)

But finally (and I do mean finally!)

the offending piece of plastic was removed,

with the help of my little hacksaw blade

and a nail file to tidy up my work.

027 (Small)

And now I have a working printer.

I’m so excited!

Finally I can print hassle free!

And you thought I’d lost my mind.

(My family thought the same.)

022 (Small)

And yes, I’ve tested my fix and it works perfectly.

I’m so happy

…even though my fingers are so sore.

Several hours later, I still have the indent on my fingers where I was pressing on the blade.

But who cares.

My printer and CISS unit are now able to work harmoniously together.

So I am pleased

…and ready to print!

020 (Small)


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Posted by on September 6, 2015 in Bits and Pieces


One response to “I Fixed My Printer!

  1. Petra

    September 7, 2015 at 6:53 am

    New career when the boys are off your hands??? πŸ˜‰


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