3D puzzle

23 Sep

Ages ago, a cousin of mine gave us this 3D puzzle of New York.

010 (Small)

It’s an unusual puzzle.

003 (Small)

It has three layers.

The first is a standard puzzle format and creates a historical map of New York.

The second layer is a basic foam layer that lays out the modern street map of New York.

The third and final layer consists of plastic replica buildings that you add to the puzzle in the order that each building was built

so that you can ‘watch’ New York grow.

004 (Small)

The puzzle looked great

but we are not puzzle people

…or so I thought.

So this puzzle had sat on my desks for months until I finally took action

and opened the first package of pieces and left it out on the table to tempt us.

002 (Small)

It was like threading a worm on a hook and dangling it in water.

Before long we had our ‘catch’.

006 (Small)

Brayden collected all of the edge pieces together

008 (Small)

and started working on the puzzle frame.

014 (Small)

Do you gather your jigsaw pieces according to shape once you’ve gathered them according to image?

I do.

I need order before I can start.

016 (Small)

Before long we had a puzzle frame.

People came and went over several days

and each added something to the puzzle.

It was like a siren calling to us.

033 (Small)

Everyone added something.

One night, very late at night, all four of us were sitting around that puzzle adding pieces

while normal people were tucked up in bed.

(We’ve never claimed to be ‘normal’.)


001 (Small)

Ethan’s not a fan of jigsaw puzzles

and even he was lured in by the puzzle.

005 (Small)

(Ethan’s takes after his mother in this department.

Puzzle makers intentionally create disorder to compel people to restore order.

I don’t get it

…although secretly, I did spend a lot of time putting this puzzle together.)

004 (Small)

Within a few days,

the first layer of the puzzle was completed.

I didn’t even get a chance to take a photo of the second layer in progress

as it was completed so quickly.

009 (Small)

Currently, we’re working on the final layer.

It’s going to look pretty spiffy once it’s finished.

001 (Small)

But what will we do with it then?

Do we pull it apart and stuff it back into the box after all that hard work?

This is why I don’t understand puzzles.



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