At the Park With Little Miss

05 Dec

Recently, Cousin Little Miss invited “Her Boys” to the park with her.

She wanted them to teach her how to fly her kite.

So they demonstrated the process

018 (Small)

and got her started.

012 (Small)

It was hilarious!

They were calling instruction to her as she ran,

“Put your arm up in the arm!”

But she kept putting her free arm up in the air

dragging her kite along the ground behind her.

015 (Small)

So they moved onto scooter riding.

First the demonstration.

051 (Small)

and then the practice.

This was somewhat easier,

when the scooter went where she wanted.

She hasn’t quite got the hang of steering yet.

043 (Small)

Next they moved onto something that Little Miss excels at….imaginary games.

This was their space shuttle

118 (Small)

and Little Miss flew them to the moon and then to Mars,

092 (Small)

directing her astronauts to go and find some Martians.

(Although she has no concept of what a Maritain is supposed to be.  She kept picking up seed pods and leaves and putting them in her pocket,

declaring, “Got some!”)

077 (Small)

Once all the Martians were collected,

the astronauts hung out on the swing.

Little Miss instructed Brayden to be her seat belt so she wouldn’t fall off.

So cute.

068 (Small)

Little Miss had a wonderful morning with ‘Her Boys’

082 (Small)

and “Her Boys’ were completely exhausted under her leadership

but pleased that she was happy.

056 (Small)

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