The Christmas Edition

02 Jan

We’ve just come home from a week over at my parents’ place.

056 (Small)

Everyone gathered there on Christmas Eve to spend Christmas together.  All floors, beds and lounges were full.

065 (Small)

With that many people under one roof, there were a lot of gifts to be opened.

002 (Small)

We ended up having to do a second sitting.

023 (Small)

Brayden got Lego, of course.  His heart’s desire.

009 (Small)

And Ethan got board games and computer programming books.  His passions.

011 (Small)

We gave Little Miss an assortment of delights – fancy stationery, small trinkets, clothing, dvds and of course books.

026 (Small)

She loves her books.  Her mother cleared space in Little Miss’ bookshelf in anticipation of all the new books she knew Aunty Tracey couldn’t help but give her.

029 (Small)

Over the week we spent time living together as one huge family.

Do you like the hairdo I gave Little Miss one afternoon?  This is challenging to do on a two year old!

311 (Small)

Little Miss looooved having ‘Her Boys’ with her every day.

This is her new ‘pleeease’ face, complete with sweet ‘hand under the chin’ gestures.  She was testing out its effectiveness on Brayden.  It worked.  Hey, it worked on everyone.

022 (Small)

We spent a lot of time outdoors getting wet.

We played with Little Miss’ sprinkler toy,

004 (Small)

and tested out the new “Bunch of balloons” water balloons.

(They disappear waaaay too quickly for the price)

169 (Small)

And someone forgot to tell the ankle biter that people with cameras who are fully dressed aren’t in the game!

243 (Small)

The kids, and some of the braver adults, also tried out the new ‘Slip n Slide’.

059 (Small)

They loved the slide, although it’s not as slippery as you would expect, so we added detergent.  That worked!

109 (Small)

We also cooled off in relatives’ pools.

040 (Small)

And when the kids weren’t in the water, they were testing out their Christmas gifts.

Ethan’s nose was always in a computer manual.

137 (Small)

And for New Years…

Well we rested.

One needs rest to start a new year with oomph and gusto.

Happy New Year!







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2 responses to “The Christmas Edition

  1. Petra

    January 2, 2016 at 3:13 am

    Hey Tracey – You look like you’ve had a wonderful Christmas/New Year. I hope 2016 brings you and yours many blessings and books! See? I included books in my good wishes!!! When are you all “off”? Must be fast approaching. We’ve enjoyed a quiet Christmas with a couple of hot days but now back to normal thank goodness. Will be meeting up with some of my h/s group in a couple of weeks for a park play. The kids are missing each other! Just read the new laws regarding “early school leavers” – have you seen it? It means that at the end of this year, when Dom turns 15, he will need to either be enrolled full-time in (proper!!) study, working part-time and studying part-time, or working in some capacity (we’re hoping he’ll get an apprenticeship). I thought I had 2 years up my sleeve before our FTB got cut off. I knew this year would be an important year. Need to have a family meeting!!!!!!

    Take care, Petra 🍹🌻

    • Tracey

      January 11, 2016 at 8:51 am

      I thought the cut off was 16 years old, not 15 years. That’s what I read on Centrelink and couldn’t find anything about changes to the age.

      This is what I found:

      You may be eligible for FTB Part A if you care for a dependent child who is:
      – 0 to 15 years of age, or
      – 16 to 19 years of age, and
      *undertaking full time education or training in an approved course leading towards a year 12 or equivalent qualification
      *with an acceptable study load, or
      *has been granted an exemption from education or training requirements

      If you are eligible for FTB Part A for a dependent child aged 16 to 19 years of age, it can be paid until the end of the calendar year that they turn 19 years of age if they continue in full time secondary study.

      Home schooling for children aged 16 to 19 years of age does not satisfy study requirements for FTB.

      To me it looks like the cut off is 16.

      Isn’t it interesting how the government uses this money to try and coerce us to put out kids in school (what they deem a ‘proper’ education). I’ll be telling them to keep their money. I only use their money for private health insurance. Once they take it, it’ll just cost them more money as we’ll once again have to rely on public health.

      I’m reluctant to take any of their money as it always comes with a stinging barb at the end of it.


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