Miracle Needed

05 Feb

How do I make

all of this

002 (Small)
fit into two suitcases?

And, no, thank you for asking, that’s not everything.

Panic stations!!


Posted by on February 5, 2016 in Family Events, Field Trips


3 responses to “Miracle Needed

  1. KL

    February 5, 2016 at 12:23 am

    My 2 favourite tips for travelling items are: pack a powerboard with one international adaptor for all electronics. And take enough old undies for the days you are there and throw them out each day instead of wash them 🙂

    • Tracey

      February 5, 2016 at 12:24 am

      Those are excellent ideas!

  2. Katie

    February 5, 2016 at 3:00 am

    Assuming you are taking books :-p … put them in a strong plastic bag and then slip that into a duty free shopping bag when you get to the airport so you can take them as carry on and they don’t add weight to your checked luggage.
    Also, put all your toiletries and a change of clothes into a large handbag because you can generally take a handbag PLUS one piece of hand luggage.
    If you are really stuck for space (but not weight) put everything into one of those vacuum storage bags before you put it in your suitcase.

    Have fun!!


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