The Met – The Metropolitan Museum of Art

27 Feb

After the Guggenheim, we headed for ‘the met’ – the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

109 (Small)

Now this was a ‘proper’ art gallery.

509 (Small)

As soon as you stepped inside, you were wowed.

125 (Small)

Picking our jaws up off the ground,

and bemoaning that we have nothing this wonderful in Australia,

we tried to see as much as possible

….and barely even scratched the surface of a few rooms.

115 (Small)

Rather than frantically tearing all over the building,

(we part of us wanted to do)

we selected a few areas where we wanted to spend our time.

For us that was ancient art.

We love History.

120 (Small)

We checked out the statues of the mythological gods.

124 (Small)

We admired ancient architecture and its grandeur.

126 (Small)

The kids always seemed to hone in on the war stuff.

122 (Small)

And me, I go for anything language related….of course.

119 (Small)

Now isn’t this better than the Guggenheim stuff.

There is ‘real’ talent and beauty in a piece of art like this.

Much more than a stack of white boxes which passes as ‘art’ in the modern world.

127 (Small)

You could amuse yourself for hours at ‘the met’.

Just look at these little Greek comic actors from the early 4th century B.C.

They are fascinating little creatures

…although some of them need some duds.

130 (Small)

And doesn’t this ‘Bronze grotesque’ (as it’s called)

look like Dobby from Harry Potter?

133 (Small)

We also joined a guided highlights tour so we could see the best of what the gallery had to offer

in as short amount a time as possible.

You could so easily spend months here and never have time to appreciate it all.

520 (Small)

This is an artwork called “Let My People Go”,

which depicts the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt,

but which also references African American civil rights.

516 (Small)

This is an African power figure.

Kind of scary looking, isn’t he, until you hear his purpose.

From what I gathered, a commitment or promise would be made in the presence of this figure

and a piece of metal would be driven into the figure as a sign and reminder of that commitment.

514 (Small)

This is a wooden Virgin and Child.

Mary has a cavity in her than suggests she would have held a religious relic.

They were probably carried in church processions.

521 (Small)

We were so surprised to see this next artwork

– “Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier and His Wife” –

as we’d just studied Lavoisier last year and it would have meant nothing to us prior to that.

525 (Small)

The painting gives a lot of hints as to what Lavoisier was famous for.

Look where his leg is pointing, his wife’s arm, his feathered pen

and even the fold in the tablecloth.

It’s all pointing to the seemingly empty glass vessel.

But that vessel on the floor contains oxygen,

which is the element Lavoisier named and studied.

Interestingly enough, his wife,a talented artist,

is believed to be a student of the artist who painted the picture.

That could explain why she seems so dominating in the picture.

Fascinating stuff isn’t it.

And we’re not that into art.

But good art evokes a response even from the least likely people.

And knowing some history, really helps when it comes to studying art.

529 (Small)

Of course, there were some modern art pieces in the gallery too.

Check out this deer.

The piece is called “PixCell-Deer”.

There is really a deer under all that glass.

Bizarre isn’t it.

But hard to drag your eyes away from

and kind of beautiful in a grotesque way.

139 (Small)

Even the met building itself was intriguing and at times beautiful.

531 (Small)

I loved the hints of classical architecture

144 (Small)

and I was constantly reminding the boys to look up and appreciate even the gorgeous ceilings.

542 (Small)

As the building has outgrown itself several times,

if you kept your eyes peeled,

you could see where one building ended and the extensions began.

519 (Small)

Oh my.

We loved ‘the met’

and even pondered going again

but sadly never found the time.

Imagine homeschooling in a city that contained ‘the met’.

You would never bother using art prints.

You could just jump on the subway and go and see the real thing for yourself!

Oh my

…how I wish.

147 (Small)


One response to “The Met – The Metropolitan Museum of Art

  1. Petra

    February 28, 2016 at 6:10 am

    Wow that is a “proper” gallery 😀


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