A Walk on Broadway

01 Mar

After a whole day of walking around New York city,

what would you choose to do in the evening?

Relax and rest your throbbing feet?

No, that’s what sensible people would do.

Instead, we chose to go on a Broadway walking tour.

192 (Small)

This was actually a lot more interesting than it might sound.

(I was a bit dubious about the walk but determined to take every opportunity on offer

and I’m glad I did.)

191 (Small)

The guide walked us around the Broadway area,

(yes, more walking)

220 (Small)

stopping at famous theatres,

(my feet were pleased)

222 (Small)

talking about popular productions

223 (Small)

and sharing all shorts of fascinating tid bits.

195 (Small)

After the walk, there were several performances I would have loved to see.

We watched the movie version of ‘The Crucible’ last year

and would have loved to see a performance of it.

193 (Small)

The way our guide described “Something Rotten”, everyone wanted to go and see it.

It’s a comedy (obviously) about two playwrights stuck in the shadow of William Shakespeare.

They set out to write the very first musical.

It sounds hilarious.

228 (Small)

But if I could only see one Broadway show, it would have been “Hamilton”.

It’s getting rave reviews and is all you hear about on the radio

Anyone who’s anyone is going to see it

…which explains why it’s completely sold out and, even if it wasn’t, the ticket prices were outrageous.

Sigh…but there’s still hope.

It’s coming to Australia.

Please come to Brisbane.  Don’t just stop in Sydney or Melbourne as the good stuff always does.

216 (Small)

The Broadway Walking Tour was great and left us all desperate to see a show.

212 (Small)

At the end of our tour, we crawled back to our rooms exhausted.

My little men never fall asleep early.

Like never.

But they did this night.

We had worked them hard on their very first day

(but it was a pace we continued to keep for two weeks).

And guess what?!!

While we were resting, thinking about an early night,

Uncle Scott went out and found us last minute tickets to see a Broadway Show

…in an hour!!

231 (Small)

So we put our shoes back on and stumbled walked down to the Majestic Theatre

to see a performance of “Phantom of the Opera”.

Don’t panic.

It didn’t kill my little men,

they just thought it was going to.

237 (Small)

“Phantom of the Opera” has been playing at the Majestic Theatre

for almost 30 years,

making it the longest running production in Broadway history.

This particular production claims to be the only place

performing the original (with other places making tweaks and changes).

It was very good.

The sets and special effects were amazing, like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

It was truly wonderful

…even though our feet throbbed and ached all the way through it.

269 (Small)


One response to “A Walk on Broadway

  1. Petra

    March 1, 2016 at 2:02 am

    Oh you lucky ducks – what a fabulous memory. Good on you Uncle Scott 😉


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