Downtown Big Bus Tour

01 Mar

On Tuesday morning, we dined in a ridgy-didge American diner.

Testing out different dining experiences was fun.

My ‘stuck in a rut’ little men wouldn’t agree though.

They only wanted to eat ‘the familiar’.

While we were in the diner, we got talking to the owner about politics.

It was intriguing.

We asked him for his opinion of Donald Trump as president.

That was hilarious.

So then we asked him what he thought of Hilary Clinton.

His answer (which will also clarify what he said about Trumpy) was,

“Well it’s a bit like ‘Dumb and Dumber’!”

So classic!

001 (Small)

Our morning agenda, after our dining experience, was another Big Bus tour.

This time we headed downtown towards the historic areas.

003 (Small)

On these tours, there is so much to see and you only get to glimpse it for a moment.

006 (Small)

Our heads were swiveling this way and that

008 (Small)

trying to take it all in.

010 (Small)

And every so often you’d see a building you recognised.

Do you know what this building is?

014 (Small)

Brace yourself.ย  You’re going to be excited.

It’s the New York Public Library.

017 (Small)

Rest assured, I tagged that place

and made sure we got back for a proper visit later in the week.

019 (Small)

And this building?

It’s not exactly pretty but you will know it.

It just doesn’t look like much close up.

It’s the Empire State Building.

028 (Small)

Do you know the Flatiron building?

064 (Small)

It’s this iconic crazy triangular shaped building.

072 (Small)

I wonder what the floor layouts look like inside.

074 (Small)

From the side

075 (Small)

and back,

the building just looks ordinary,

008 (Small)

but the front is just bizarre.

016 (Small)

Imagine having an office in the front point of the building!

018 (Small)

And when you least expect to find a triumphal arch

– there’s one at the end of a New York street!

It’s actually at the beginning of Washington Square Park.

095 (Small)

The architecture throughout New York is amazing.

032 (Small)

Not only are the buildings tall,

045 (Small)

they are also beautiful.

125 (Small)

Look at the intricate detail on this beauty!

130 (Small)

I was personally very partial to all the different designs of fire escapes.

124 (Small)

Certainly something very ordinary for a New Yorker,

but something fascinating to a visitor.

115 (Small)

Of course, we saw plenty more ‘famous’ buildings

– the Court House,

174 (Small)

New York City Hall

190 (Small)

and (can you see) the Brooklyn Bridge.

189 (Small)

But my favourite was St Paul’s chapel,

207 (Small)

Manhattan’s oldest public building in continuous use.

202 (Small)

When George Washington was inaugurated as President in 1789, he prayed at this church.

205 (Small)

Nowadays, the chapel is dwarfed by giant skyscrapers.

It once sat in the shadows of the World Trade Centre towers.

Now it sits near the feet of the Freedom Tower, also known as One World Trade Centre.

204 (Small)

Before we went on holidays, we read the book,

“The Little Chapel that Stood”.

It tells of the day when the towers came crashing down.

The Little Chapel stood in the shadows of the falling buildings but it did not waver.

Not a pane of glass was damaged in this church,

although many other windows in surrounding buildings did shatter.

The book tells a very moving story yet a gentle way of sharing a tragic story with children.

I’m glad we saw this miraculous little church.

210 (Small)

At this point in our Big Bus tour, we decided to disembark and explore the area on foot.

There was just so much to see

and we didn’t want it to fly by in a blur.

Plus, once again, we were freezing up there on the top deck

and needed to find ourselves a building to defrost in.



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3 responses to “Downtown Big Bus Tour

  1. Petra

    March 1, 2016 at 8:06 am

    I’m enjoying my travels via your blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ That weirdly-shaped building probably has toilets in the tiny corner lol

  2. Sarah

    March 1, 2016 at 8:07 am

    How exciting! And, yes, I relate to the frustration of the kids wanting ‘the familiar’ when they have such an amazing ‘taste’ opportunity

  3. Tracy Kelly

    March 1, 2016 at 9:32 am

    So enjoying your photo blog tour Tracey, will stay tuned for more….



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