Up to the top of the Empire State Building

10 Mar

On our third day in New York,

we took a walk

(we walked a LOT),

022 (Small)

to the Empire State Building.

021 (Small)

Up close and looking upwards, it’s a relatively ugly building.

All blocky and lacking pretty details.

(You can’t see how the building climaxes to a pretty peak

when you are standing at its base).

025 (Small)

But I suppose you don’t go to the Empire State Building

to see the facade.

You go there to experience what you can see from the top.

027 (Small)

Yes, the observation decks are the goal.

138 (Small)

After security,

(Yes, always security.

Like at an airport.

It’s sooo much fun when you are wearing multiple layers,

plus hats, gloves, scarves, beanies etc.),

we collected our audio tour devices

and began learning about the building itself

030 (Small)

before being directed to the elevators

and heading to the 86th floor,

the observation deck.

032 (Small)

(You can actually ascend to the 102nd floor,

the top floor of the building,

for a more elevated view,

but to go with that elevated view, is an elevated price.

We were very happy with our 86th floor view).

035 (Small)

Out on the observation desk,

the temperatures were unwelcoming,

038 (Small)

but the views were magnificent.

051 (Small)

We shivered walked around the deck,

listening to our audio

084 (Small)

and checking out the views.

050 (Small)

If you want a sense of how small you are

(and there isn’t a nearby mountain),

go to the top of a very tall building.

(Come to think of it, taking an elevator is easier than climbing a mountain).

083 (Small)

You’ll feel completely insignificant,

065 (Small)

and totally dwarfed compared to the size of the city.

080 (Small)

It’s funny,

the buildings look ‘toylike’ when you look down upon them,

(especially the cars),

057 (Small)

but it’s this perspective that gives you a clear idea of the sheer heights of many of the buildings.

I didn’t get this same feeling standing at the foot of these incredible buildings.

072 (Small)

You even get a better sense of the size of Central Park from up on top of this building.

Can you see Central Park?

052 (Small)

It’s the dark patch way back there behind the big tall buildings.

054 (Small)

As you walk around the observation deck,

you get a feel for all the areas of Manhattan.

This is the midtown and uptown view.

053 (Small)

It’s where you’ll find Time Square, the Rockefeller Centre, the Chrysler Building, Central Park and the Museums.

074 (Small)

Here’s a little video of the uptown view…

On the other side of the building,

where it was absolutely freezing and snowing at times,

092 (Small)

there was the downtown view.

116 (Small)

The river to the left (in this photo) is the East River

114 (Small)

and the river to the right is the Hudson River.

Can you see the iconic Statue of Liberty at the end of the Hudson River,

out there in the bay, at the end of the island?

108 (Small)

Don’t fret if you can’t.

It’s not nearly as big as the movies make it seem.

Perhaps it too is just dwarfed alongside these massive skyscrapers.

109 (Small)

Oh, and check out the Flatiron Building from this angle.

It looks a little more ‘iron-like’ from the bird’s eye perspective.

113 (Small)

Here’s a little footage of the historic downtown view…

After viewing all sides of the island,

(you knew Manhattan

was an island, didn’t you),

111 (Small)

we took some obligatory photos

(well the best you can take

when your subjects are freezing

and complaining about taking their scarves off their faces).

125 (Small)

Then we jumped into cabs

(risking life and limb)

to make it to our next destination.

139 (Small)


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2 responses to “Up to the top of the Empire State Building

  1. Petra

    March 10, 2016 at 9:33 pm

    Well, aren’t you the brave one? I couldn’t have done that, all the way up there…but thanks for the wonderful shots and the “commentary” – I am so enjoying this – I’m wondering if you made the Statue of Liberty? Or shall I wait for the next taxi ride??!!

    • Tracey

      March 11, 2016 at 7:29 am

      Ah well you’ll just have to wait and see. 🙂


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