‘Top of the Rock’ Night Views

19 Mar

In the evening, on our fourth day in New York,

(yes, after a full day of walking),

we did some more walking

and headed to the Rockefeller Centre again.

Like the Empire State Building,

they also have observations decks.

They call their observation decks,

“Top of the Rock”.

045 (Small)

Going at night,

when it’s -9 degree Celsius up there on the decks,

is insane,

but it’s also very clever.

We pretty much had the building to ourselves.

044 (Small)

The elevator that takes you to the top

was cool.

The ceiling is both clear and a screen at the same time.

You can see the elevator taking you to the top,

while you watch a quick history flashback of the decades.

(Sorry.  My position in the elevator,

meant that I viewed the presentation upside down).

Going up to the top of the Empire State Building in the daytime

and the ‘Top of the Rock’ at night

was a brilliant idea.

052 (Small)

The views were vastly different,

and aside from the cold

(which was hard to ignore)

I much preferred the night time views.

068 (Small)

They were breathtaking.

078 (Small)

The view from the “Top of the Rock”,

gives you a gorgeous view of the Empire State Building,

072 (Small)

which I think is prettier at night,

than in the day.

073 (Small)

And because the Rockefeller Centre is closer to Central Park

than the Empire State Building,

053 (Small)

you get a much nicer view of the impressiveness of the park.

054 (Small)

If you look really closely,

you can see the Statue of Liberty

all lit up in the bay.

077 (Small)

Can you tell where the bright lights

of Time Square are located?

(The ones right outside my hotel window).

083 (Small)

Yep, down there in front of the H&M building.

Those lights are bright.

In our hotel room,

we had two sets of blinds

in an effort to keep out the lights at night.

115 (Small)

Of course, we attempted the mandatory happy snaps

in front of the iconic views

but the lower deck has glass paneling

which messed up our views.

086 (Small)

So we went to the upper deck,

but were sooooo cold

and it was so windy,

that any photo was a challenge.

But I think this picture speaks volume.


“Hurry up and take this picture,

we are freeeezing!”

122 (Small)

New York is gorgeous at night.

And it really does come alive

when the sun goes down.

081 (Small)

After our trip to the Top of the Rock,

it was quite late,

yet it was still alive and ‘happening’

in Time Square

so we did a little more shopping

…of course.

156 (Small)

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Posted by on March 19, 2016 in Family Events, Field Trips, Geography, US Holidays


One response to “‘Top of the Rock’ Night Views

  1. Petra

    March 19, 2016 at 2:18 am

    I’ve always preferred night lights and views 🙂 But you are brave for going up that high!


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