Madame Tussard’s and The Ride

27 Mar

After our visit to the Museum of Natural History,

we jumped on another subway

and made our way south to Madame Tussard’s Wax Museum.

246 (Small)

Well actually, only half of us went as far as the wax museum.

Ethan and I got off the subway at an earlier stop,

(yep, by ourselves, and yes, at night),

and walked to our hotel.

Being the last day in NY,

I needed to spend some time reshuffling and packing our luggage

and Ethan wasn’t interested in the main purpose of the wax museum visit

-to see the Marvel 4D Experience Movie.

Brayden is our ‘Super Her’o and ‘Lego’ fan and Ethan has no interest in either.

448 (Small)

So Liam and Brayden went to Madame Tussards by themselves.

453 (Small)

They hadn’t planned to stop and look at the wax figures

but they had to walk through a lot of the museum

in order to get to the theatre

so they stopped to take their photos with a few of their favourites.

454 (Small)

Brayden was later pleased to announce

that he was the only family member

who climbed to the crown of the Statue of Liberty.

He just neglects to mention that it was the wax version he climbed.

450 (Small)

Doesn’t the wax version look masculine?!

Anyway, they finally saw their 4D movie,

which they loved.

Then they high-tailed it back to the hotel to meet us

for our final event of the night

and our final activity in NY.

451 (Small)

Our final experience in New York

was to be a very popular theatrical bus tour

called “The Ride”.

Now how to describe “The Ride”.

Firstly, it’s like nothing you’ve ever done before.

You sit in a specially designed glitzy bus

looking out at the sights in New York

through the side and ceiling of the bus.

252 (Small)

There are two hosts at the front of the bus,

which is actually the side of the bus,

who guide you through the eccentricities of New York.

Being that it was two days from Valentine’s Day,

our female host was also searching the street of New York for a man.

266 (Small)

The bus, called ‘Ride’, also ‘talks’,

as well as interacting with coloured  lights.

‘He’ also simulates a subway ride,

which was so like the real thing.

(This was by far my favourite part of the experience!!!).

267 (Small)

But this isn’t just a tour of the city.

It’s an entertainment experience.

As we drove along

we met supposedly ‘ordinary’ New Yorkers on the streets

(aka street performers – sorry, spoiled your fun)

and the hosts interacted with them.

253 (Small)

Sometimes you weren’t quite sure

if the people you were meeting on the street

were paid performers or not.

This guy was a busker on the street,

or appeared so,

and our host asked him to play something.

Playing his saxophone,

he approached a person walking in the street,

who seemed normal,

until she broke out in song.

Every time you slowed or stopped in traffic,

(remember the traffic just crawls through NY at times)

you were waiting to be surprised.

265 (Small)

The best way to explain ‘The Ride’ is to share some video.

In the first video,

the guy in the yellow hooded jacket

raps in the streets for us.

If you listen carefully,

he even gives a call out to the Australians.

That would be our little group of six.

And in this video,

we are doing a little singing

as we drive along checking out New York.

‘The Ride’ was a fantastic way

to spend our last night

in New York.

251 (Small)

Then we forlornly wandered back to our hotel room,

for more last minute packing,

stopping briefly

for one last look

at Time Square.

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One response to “Madame Tussard’s and The Ride

  1. Sarah

    March 27, 2016 at 11:45 am

    I love how creative the Americans are with “experiences.” 🙂


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