NY Museum of Natural History

27 Mar

After the Holocaust Museum,

we walked back to the subway.

On the way to the subway station,

we met this little fellow.

189 (Small)

Isn’t he (or she) cute?

I loooooved seeing squirrels in our travels.

446 (Small)

They were everywhere.

We just had to pay attention.

447 (Small)

Once at the subway station,

(and we eventually got our metro cards to let us through the turnstiles!!)

we found a train headed to the north end of the island.

197 (Small)

Yes, we sure got around on our last day in New York

198 (Small)

and subways made our travels so much easier.

204 (Small)

We missed New York’s subway system

when we switched cities.

206 (Small)

After a quick trip north,

and a bit of a mix up in directions once we hit the streets

(Thankfully New Yorkers are lovely and one stopped to redirect us.

We didn’t even ask.  We clearly just looked lost.),

214 (Small)

we found our way to the Museum of Natural History.

241 (Small)

Sorry but this is as close as we got to the rotunda.

Yet another private function presented an obstacle to our day

and the whole centre of the museum was roped off.

You can’t imagine how impossible that made our visit.

It seemed like we were being redirected at every turn.

To get from one side of the building to the other,

and sometimes from one room to another,

we had to find the stairs and go up or down

to move past the obstacle and then return,

up or down the stairs, to the level we’d been on.

It was a nightmare and we quickly grew tired of it.

217 (Small)

In the end, the boys declared that they only wanted to see

the “Night in the Museum” characters

that they knew belonged to the museum.

(Did you know that the museum in the movie is nothing like the actual museum?)

But finding the characters, through the maze of ‘roped off’ obstacles

was extremely difficult.

However, we managed to see a LOT of the museum this way.

219 (Small)



220 (Small)

Grizzly Bears.


223 (Small)

Funny looking squirrel.

Excited tick!

224 (Small)

And eventually,

Capuchin Monkey,

the fellow with the white head,

(although clearly not the same monkey as in the movie

as this one is dead and stuffed!)


225 (Small)

Final stop.

Rapa Nui,

the statue from Easter Island,

that kept calling the night guard, “Dumb, Dumb”.

But first we had to find it.

226 (Small)

I think we passed everything in the museum,

twice, perhaps three times.

227 (Small)

We stopped occasionally to look at items of interest.

Brayden stopped for this meteorite.

It was found in Greenland,

It broke off from a much bigger meteorite.

I wonder what sort of damage a thing this size would have caused.

The meteorite on display is so heavy

that one of its supports is embedded in the bedrock beneath the museum.

240 (Small)

We also stopped to check out the sad looking excuse for an Australian section.

It was just a few glass cases of Aboriginal weapons and tools.

No wonder people were walking right passed it

and not bothering to stop and look.

229 (Small)

And just look at that map.

Where is Tasmania??!!

That’s like drawing the US without Florida!!

There is no excuse for this kind of thing in a museum!

230 (Small)

And then finally,

in the distance,

we saw Rapa Nui.

228 (Small)

Here it is.

Rapa Nui, the Easter Island statue.

233 (Small)

Oh and it’s just a plaster cast of the real thing.

Yes, we walked around this museum,

up and down stairs,

around and around in circles,

just to see a plaster cast of some artifact

we saw in a movie.

231 (Small)

And if it could,

it would have most definitely called us,

“Dumb, Dumbs”

237 (Small)

Overall, our experience at the Museum of Natural History

was not the best,

but boy did we get a good work out

walking up and down all of those stairs!!

245 (Small)


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