Relocating to Boston

28 Mar

At the end of our first week in the US,

we hired a car and left New York.

We headed north to Boston,

the next city we would explore.

283 (Small)

Very soon after leaving the city,

we were in forested areas.

That was not what I had expected.

There was also snow on the ground.

Lots of snow.

286 (Small)

Well, ‘lots’ for people

who’d seen very little of it in their lives.

So of course, whenever we stopped,

we were climbing out of the van

to play in the snow.

295 (Small)

We were also surprised by the short distance

between New York and Boston.

Americans probably think it’s a long drive,

but to Aussies, who have to drive for hours on end,

or perhaps a whole day,

to get from one big city to the next,

this drive was short.

In fact, for the first time in our lives,

we heard a child say,

“Are we there ALREADY?!!”

296 (Small)

The drive was made to seem even shorter

by all the new and pretty scenery.

And look!!

Tunnels in a mountain!


297 (Small)

The novelty of driving

on the ‘wrong’ side of the road

wore off on our first trip to the US

a couple of years ago.

We didn’t give a second thought to that.

313 (Small)

And this is Boston!

I must say, I thought it would be nicer.

It’s river was mud brown,

and our entrance into the city

was very industrial and pretty much on the ugly side of things.

Not the vision I had for Boston.

317 (Small)

However, we were too busy falling in love

with the snow and ice

to care too much.

Icicles are so pretty!

010 (Small)

Look how much snow they’d had.

319 (Small)

To Bostinians, this might not be much,

but to us, it was epic.

321 (Small)

In Boston, we stayed in a home.

I love staying in homes.

We did this last time we were in the US

and it was a great way to get a feel for how Americans live.

324 (Small)

In Boston, we stayed in a modern rowhouse.

325 (Small)

This was ‘our’ rowhouse for those few days.

Our door was downstairs

and the neighbour’s door was upstairs,

yet our house had an upstairs and downstairs.

I would have loved to see

the house next door

to compare our layouts.

Yes, the houses are skinny on the inside.

337 (Small)

Our house had two bedrooms, a study and a bathroom on the entry level.

This was our bedroom while we visited.

328 (Small)

Upstairs there was a lounge room,

where the boys slept,

330 (Small)

a kitchen,

where we cooked proper meals each night,

332 (Small)

a dining area and a restroom.

Everything you needed.

It was lovely.

331 (Small)

But to be honest,

we really only ate and slept there.

Every opportunity we got,

we were out experiencing Boston.

(And yes, that second car was ours.)

339 (Small)

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One response to “Relocating to Boston

  1. Petra

    March 28, 2016 at 11:18 pm

    If I went to the U.S., I’d like to visit Boston, so I’m looking forward to hearing of your adventures 🙂


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