Aquarium and the Coldest Day Ever!

04 Apr

Our second day in Boston was the coldest day in my life!

Never, ever have I been so cold,

nor do I ever expect to be that cold again.

That day redefined the word “freezing” for our family.

237 (Small)

At no point in the coming Australian winter

do we expect to be ‘freezing’,

even though we have liberally used the word

in the past.

194 (Small)

So what temperature is truly ‘freezing’?

Brace yourself…

-23 degrees Celsius!!

Yes, honestly.

This is the temperature reading from the car dash that morning

just before it hit rock bottom.

Don’t neglect to notice the “feels like” temperature,

which adds in the wind chill.

Yep, a freezing -33 degrees Celsius.

240 (Small)

Yes you might need to put on a jacket in order to read this post.

I’m feeling cold just thinking about this particular day.

193 (Small)

On the morning of this history making day

(well it was history making for us Aussies!),

we tried out an experiment a New York diner owner told us about.

On a truly freezing day

(yes this day counted),

you boil a cup of water

and toss it high into the air.

198 (Small)

While it’s in the air

it’s supposed to turn to snow

before it lands.

200 (Small)

I can attest to the fact that it didn’t quite work out that way

as I was in the path of one of those throws

and got somewhat wet

(while standing out in negative freezing temperatures!!).

When we looked up the Science behind the experiment,

it said that you need a very low temperature

(we had that)

combined with very low humidity.

That’s where we went wrong.

The humidity that day was in the 40s.

The experiment wasn’t a complete failure though.

206 (Small)

It did work to some degree.

207 (Small)

The higher you threw it,

the more chance it had to freeze.

Oh and the boiling water was decidedly freezing when it landed.

208 (Small)

Who knows what the neighbours thought

of the strange Aussies out in sub zero weather

tossing water into the air.

No, we didn’t stand out in the front yard

throwing water in the air all day.

Our destination for the day was the New England Aquarium.

Doesn’t everyone go to the Aquarium on a day like this.

I can attest to the fact that they do.

It was quite crowded in that little venue.

212 (Small)

The Aquarium wasn’t on my ‘must see’ list

but it was on the Boston City Passes

that my brother purchased for everyone.

215 (Small)

Living so close to Seaworld on the Gold Coast,

our expectations for an aquarium were high

and this aquarium didn’t really meet those standards.

But it was okay.

223 (Small)

It had the usual sea critters

which are stars all by themselves,

no matter where they are housed.

232 (Small)

The aquarium architecture was clever.

A walkway spirals up the middle of the building,

with observation tanks in the middle and around the edges.

It does make for a tight squeeze on a busy day

but it naturally moves you through the aquarium

without the need of a map.

013 (Small)

My favourite sea creatures are the dangerous ones.

Of course!

The lion fish,

whose dorsal fins are venomous.

Isn’t he a pretty looking fish?

Look but do not touch.

220 (Small)

The piranhas

whose reputation for blood-thirsty attacks precedes them.

I’d never seen them before

and to be honest,

I expected them to be much much smaller.

But they were bigger than my hand!

I would not want to meet them in the wild!

007 (Small)

And the jellyfish!

I love the peaceful looking jellyfish.

Yes I know they sting.

That’s a real bummer.

001 (Small)

But these moon jellies hardly sting at all,

(you can not feel the sting,)

so we were able to TOUCH them.

I was in jellyfish heaven

and had to touch them many times.

It took some convincing to get my sons to touch them.

002 (Small)

While at the aquarium, we saw the several shows they had to offer.

We saw the fur seal training show.

226 (Small)

It was hardly crowded at all…

because it was OUTSIDE!!

We were insane and sat out there,

huddled together, for the duration.

225 (Small)

We also watched the penguin show from the spiral ramps.

027 (Small)

And we attended the Giant Ocean Tank Talk,

which featured sea turtles and rays.

029 (Small)

But, as lunch neared, we decided to go and find food in a less crowded venue.

And why not walk on such a gloriously warm day!

(Parking was difficult to find

so once you had a park, you had to stay…

and walk….BRRRRR!!!!)

035 (Small)

The bonus of walking

(provided you could dodge the falling snow and ice)

076 (Small)

was that we stumbled

on this fabulous ice sculpture.

No chance of it melting on a day like this one!

It was for Valentine’s Day.

Don’t we look cold.

I had on thick tights, quality thermals, three skirts (one over the other!!),

a winter shirt, three jumpers, a jacket,

plus gloves, a scarf, wrapped over my head, held on by a beanie

…and I was still cold!

045 (Small)

For lunch, we walked to nearby Quincy Market.

Apparently Sam Adam (and other famous men)

stirred up the crowds with public speeches in this venue.

055 (Small)

We didn’t have any speeches to make

so we ate lunch instead.

064 (Small)

The boys were delighted to be able to eat fries.

Their uncle preferred to eat at different and interesting places

so fries were a real treat.

063 (Small)

While we ate, there were no speeches to be heard,

but we were entertained by this talented young fellow.

Later we spent some time browsing around the markets.

077 (Small)

Hubby found the “Cheers” bar.

If you didn’t watch much tv as a kid,

you’ll have no idea what this place is.

059 (Small)

And you’ll just smile and take the photos

as I did.

061 (Small)

Okay, I did know ‘of’ the program,

but it held no interest for me.

062 (Small)

And who on earth is Norm.

271 (Small)

The boys and I left the rest of the group,

who went in to buy a drink at the Cheers Bar.

The boys had spied the candy store

and were keen to try more American candy.

068 (Small)

Myself, I had spied a bookstore!

078 (Small)

The “Make Way for Ducklings” store.

And yes I bought a copy (two in fact) of the book.

One for myself and one for my niece.

I may also have bought other books while I was in there.  🙂

079 (Small)

Brayden bought his Uncle this loving gift.

(There were also toys in this bookstore)

Have you heard of Bean Boozled Jellybeans?

If not, do NOT be fooled into this eating game.

You will regret it.

You spin the spinner and have to eat the indicated jellybean variety.

However, you won’t know the flavour until you bite into it.

Some are nice and some are the most vile things you’ve EVER tasted.

Delights such as rotten egg, dog food, stinky socks and vomit.

Brayden felt it was the perfect gift.

Sweet revenge for all the new foods his Uncle had made him try.

081 (Small)

After lunch and shopping, we headed back to the car,

to drive to our afternoon adventure

….which started with another car park hunt.

085 (Small)


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3 responses to “Aquarium and the Coldest Day Ever!

  1. Petra

    April 4, 2016 at 5:20 am

    You did very well, my adventurous friends 😉 I have heard tho’ that at a certain temperature – possibly around -28 or -30, one’s breathing is affected 😦

    • Tracey

      April 4, 2016 at 5:29 am

      Well your nostrils do start to freeze up and that is unpleasant.

      We also learned from reading prior to leaving that a common winter way of dying is people dying of heart attacks clearing snow in their drives. I had never heard such a strange thing before. Apparently the cold, combined with arm activity (which is apparently more stressful on the heart than leg activity) can cause a heart attack.

      • Petra

        April 4, 2016 at 6:01 am

        Oh that’s not a fun fact to know 😮


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