A Drive Up to Salem

17 Apr

After we left Boston,

we were due in Philadelphia

that evening.

But since towns were so close together,

we figured we could do a quick detour north

to visit Salem.

It was a somewhat pretty drive.

The houses in the towns

were my idea of gorgeous.

001 (Small)

Although I wouldn’t want to live quite so close to my neighbours.

002 (Small)

The areas between towns weren’t quite as pretty

and there were much less forest areas

than we had seen between New York and Boston.

003 (Small)

Salem was a quaint little place though.

And I do mean little.

There’s not a whole lot to do there.

007 (Small)

I loved their houses

…made even prettier with the snow.

009 (Small)

Their city centre was small

but kind of cute.

024 (Small)

Other parts of it were a tad creepy looking.

011 (Small)

Everywhere you looked,

there were reminders of what made it famous.


Do you recognise this witch?

I believe her name was Samantha.

010 (Small)

But this was my favourite

(I snap this terrible shot out the window of our moving car).

– The Salem Screamery!

What a scream!

026 (Small)

And to go with the theme of witches and creepy,

it was rainy and slushy and cold.

027 (Small)

Our destination in Salem

was the Salem Witch Museum.

You don’t come to Salem if you aren’t interested in the Salem Witch Trials.

020 (Small)

It’s actually a fascinating piece of history

that has very little to do with witchcraft

and more to do with hysteria and scapegoating.

Definitely something you should read more about.

Or watch “The Crucible” movie.

022 (Small)

The Salem Witch Museum was small

and to my horror didn’t allow photography.

(I hate that! Especially when I can see no reason for the prohibition.)

014 (Small)

Inside, while we waited for our turn to enter the museum,

I struck up a conversation with a homeless man

(you can see him in the background).

We were standing together looking at brochures

when he asked where we were from.

The camera dangling around my neck

always gave us away as tourists.

And as soon as you say, “Australia”

the Americans would engage us in conversations

about kangaroos or Steve Irwin.

Anyway, it turned out that this poor fellow

was just pretending to look through the brochures

so he had a reason to stand inside in the warm.

He was such a nice man and even recommended some places to visit.

018 (Small)

Eventually it was our turn to enter the museum.

The highlight of the Salem Witch Museum

is their animatronics presentation

that tells the story of Salem and the witch trials.

It’s quite well done

and a good introductory account of the story.

From there you are led through the ‘museum’ part of the building,

which I must say was fairly pathetic

and more about ‘witches’ today

than what happened in Salem.

And there was almost nothing that made it a ‘museum’.

The only artifact that we saw was

a piece of wood which was one of the original beams

from the dungeon where the accused ‘witches’ were kept.

016 (Small)

The store AFTER the museum was more interesting

than the museum part of the tour.

There were all manner of books about that period of history,

although they didn’t have the one I wanted

so I went home empty handed.  😦

I ignored the whole section of the store

related to witchy items,

which of course was the biggest section.

So that was our hour or so in Salem.

I’m kind of glad we went,

although if we hadn’t,

we wouldn’t have missed much.


One response to “A Drive Up to Salem

  1. Petra

    April 17, 2016 at 2:57 am

    I thought Salem was much bigger too! I love the architecture 🙂 So sad hearing about the homeless man – I wonder where he was going to sleep for the night 😦


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