Arriving in Washington, D.C.

03 May

After Philadelphia, we drove down to Washington, D.C.

139 (Small)

Out of all of the cities, I’d rank Washington as the most livable,

out of the four cities we visited.

146 (Small)

I loved New York as a place to experience.

I loved Boston and Philadelphia for their history.

But if I HAD to move to one of these four cities,

I’d pick Washington.

(Although I’d first have to check to see if they had a Barnes and Noble.)

148 (Small)

There seemed to be more breathing space in the Washington suburbs.

The houses weren’t all piled up on top of each other,

like in the other cities we visited.

It felt more homey.

141 (Small)

And who wouldn’t want to live in a city with ALL of those museums!

Yes, yes, we’ll ignore their murder capital reputation.

151 (Small)

Anyway, on this trip,

we would only be staying in Washington

for two days.

(I know.  I know.  It’s not enough.)

Our accommodation was a room in the Washington Hilton

148 (Small)

It was quite nice,

although definitely the least nice of all the places we stayed

154 (Small)

It had everything we needed though.

153 (Small)

I don’t know.

I just expected something ‘more’ for the swish name of ‘Hilton’.

155 (Small)

We arrived in Washington in the late afternoon,

so, after stowing our belongings in our rooms,

we hit the streets to find food.

Can you see what we saw?!!

Look closely in the distance.

157 (Small)

Does this closer shot help?

Give up?

It’s the White House!

Can you see it now?

That lit up white building all the car are driving towards.

Rest assured, we got better photos than this.

This was just our first sighting

and it was rather exciting,

even for Aussies.

161 (Small)

Eventually, we found a carpark,

(these cities need to do something about their carparking!!),

and then had to walk blocks and blocks

looking for food.

We eventually found ourselves in Chinatown

and decided that we would eat Chinese in Washington.

168 (Small)

We picked our restaurant

and were escorted to tables.

172 (Small)

This was the first time the boys have eaten Chinese.

Well, can I say they ate Chinese,

if all they ate was a bowl of RICE!!

Adventurous, they are not!

Oh and Uncle Scott hid their forks, and made them try the chopsticks.

So not only were they only eating rice,

but they had to eat it grain by grain.


Lucky for them, our waitress had mercy on them

and made Uncle Scott give their forks back.  🙂

171 (Small)

The rest of us let Uncle Scott order a selection of recommended dishes.

We tried all sorts of different things.

But no, these duckies were not on our plates!

173 (Small)
And that was our first evening in Washington.


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