Heading Home

21 May

Are you sick of all of these holiday posts?

I’ve been working on these posts for ages.

I’m itching to write about anything other than our holiday.

Well this is the very last holiday post.

Doing a happy dance.


After a cream cheese bagel for breakfast in Washington,

(the thought of it still churns in my stomach…ick!),

we piled all of our luggage and accumulated stuff

into our rental van and headed north to New York,

where we would fly out that night.

But first, we couldn’t leave the east coast of the country

until we saw the Atlantic Ocean.

003 (Small)

So for lunch, we stopped at Jersey Shores,

for the best chips we’ve ever had,

and a quick peek at the ocean.

002 (Small)

Well, it looked an awful like the Pacific Ocean to me,

but what do I know.

With time ticking down, and a plane that wouldn’t wait for us,

we jumped back into the van

and hurried on to our destination.

007 (Small)

Two plane trips and nearly a whole day later,

we arrived home.

To the people in Australian Customs,

you were a breath of fresh air.

Sorry to say, but most of the security folk we experienced in the US

were scary and unfriendly.

Coming home, we immediately noticed the pleasant difference in manner.

It was so nice to be home.

Except for the weather!

Going from minus freezing to plus plus Aussie summer temperatures

was really uncomfortable.

And why do air conditioners only go as low as 17 degrees Celsius.

Our internal temperature gauge said that that was much too hot!




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