The Air and Space Museum

21 May

After visiting the Thomas Jefferson Memorial,

we trekked back to the museums

and visited the Air and Space Museum.

139 (Small)

Okay, to be honest, we selected it because we knew they had food,

and we were starving.

Check out the size of their MacDonalds.

Yes, it’s inside the museum!

141 (Small)

Rest assured,

we found plenty of other things to enjoy in the museum.

Like, the ACTUAL command module

from the Apollo 11 mission

146 (Small)

that plummeted back to earth

149 (Small)

after the first moon walk.

150 (Small)

Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins were in this thing.

Nope, not a replica.

154 (Small)

The Air and Space Museum was massive.

169 (Small)

There was so much to see and do.

We didn’t even see half of this place.

Instead we selected those things that each of us really wanted to see.

167 (Small)

At the top of all of our lists was ‘space memorabilia’.

This is Buzz Aldrin’s space suit!

Neil’s was off display when we visited.

179 (Small)

Yep, the actual ones they wore on the moon.

178 (Small)

We particularly enjoyed looking at all the things

they took to space with them.

183 (Small)

Yep, on their packing list was chocolate.

M&Ms no less.

185 (Small)

Oh and this torturous looking device is called a Urine Transfer Tube.


182 (Small)

We also visited the Wright Brothers’ exhibition.

Did you know that they owned a bicycle shop

before they made a flying machine?

190 (Small)

This is the actual plane that the brothers’ built and used

when they were given the credit for having the first successful plane flight.

193 (Small)

There is some contention over whether the Wright Brothers were actually the first

but the Smithsonian is not permitted by contract to mention those,

well not if they want to keep the Wright Flyer.

192 (Small)

Just as we were leaving the Air and Space Museum,

we chanced to look up

and saw Charles Lindbergh’s ‘Spirit of St Louis’,

the first plane to fly non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean.

Yes, it’s the original plane.

203 (Small)

Leaving the museum,

we headed out onto the Mall,

and towards the Washington Monument.

We briefly stopped in at the National Museum of American History

so that Liam and Ethan could see the Fort McHenry flag

that Brayden and I had seen the day before.

205 (Small)

Then we headed off to find the meeting place

for our afternoon Memorial Tour.

206 (Small)


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