Thomas Jefferson Memorial

21 May

On our last day in Washington,

we headed off

to find the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

017 (Small)

It was a little bit of a hike

but we had to visit Tom!

052 (Small)

Someone in our party,

who will remain nameless,

dared to say,

“What’s he famous for?”

OH my!

020 (Small)


he wrote the Declaration of Independence;

he wrote the Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom;

he launched the Lewis and Clark expedition,

he bought the Louisiana Territory from France, at a bargain price,

which more than doubled the size of the US at that time;

and he was the third president of the US.

I could go on but these were enough to qualify him for a nice big memorial.

026 (Small)

And it is a beauty.

After the Library of Congress,

the Thomas Jefferson Memorial was my next favourite thing in Washington.

109 (Small)

Okay, I’m just a little partial to old Tom.

He has a fascinating story

and he’s a book man,

so what’s not to love.

045 (Small)

And check out these calf muscles.

In times gone by,

the calf muscle was considered the region that showed a man’s strength

and not his biceps,

which is why you see statues with these big bulgy calf muscles.

054 (Small)

We spent more time at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial

030 (Small)

than at any other memorial.

037 (Small)

It was a gorgeous place.

039 (Small)

It would be a spectacular place in the spring and summer.

066 (Small)

In the lower level of the Memorial,

there is a mini museum (I do mean mini).

070 (Small)

We, (okay, I) spent ages reading everything that was shared.

079 (Small)

Nearly everything this man said was quote-worthy.

081 (Small)

Yes, I bought a book about him while we were there.

(There were TWO gifts shops there!)

Not this particular book though.

While it was written by Thomas Jefferson himself,

I don’t think it’d be my cup of tea.

085 (Small)

Since we were on a time schedule,

we couldn’t stay all morning.

We snapped our mandatory photos

090 (Small)

and set off

127 (Small)

back towards the Smithsonian Museums,

another decent hike.

(Did I mention that two of us wore through brand new boots

after these two weeks of walking!)

124 (Small)


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