“Life On Us”

22 May

This year we are learning about the human body

so, this past week, we’ve been watching the dvd,

“Life on Us”.

I simply had to share it with you

as it was brilliant!

001 (Small)

Now, be forewarned.

If nudity and words like pubic hair and sex

are beyond your comfort level,

then you aren’t likely to enjoy this dvd,

particularly the first episode.

(The second episode would be fine).

Just saying, so you don’t plonk your children in front of it,

feeling that it must be okay if Tracey’s kids watched it.

There are also some truly gross bits on the dvd.

So don’t eat directly before or after viewing,

and definitely not during it.  🙂

It had us ‘eeewwing’ and ‘uurrrggging’

and shifting uncomfortably in our seats,

(it was in the second episode – so be warned),

but don’t be deterred.

We were glued to the screen

and couldn’t stop watching,

even if it was sometimes viewed through our fingers.

The series is excellent

and fascinating.

You’ll never think of your body and microbes

the same way again.

Basically, the dvd takes you on a tour through

the mostly good microbes that live in the billions

all over and within your body.

It explains why we need good microbes

and how little we know about the fascinating world of microbiology.

003 (Small)

If you’re kids aren’t enjoying the study of biology,

toss aside those textbooks,

and dive headfirst into something like this dvd.

You can’t go away not fascinated

after watching “Life On Us”.

It’s that good!

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