29 May

Have you ever made Goop for the kids?

I used to make it a lot for my boys when they were little.

But recently, when I mentioned it, Brayden gave me a blank look.

He didn’t remember it all!

So that situation had to be remedied,

and while I was at it,

I introduced my niece to the wonderful world of Goop.

530 (Small)

Goop is simply Cornflour and water

(with food colouring for fun).

(We used one bag of Cornflour per child,

and added between one and two cups of water.)

This makes a non-newtonian fluid,

which simply means that it acts like a liquid if you pour it,

but like a solid if you apply force to it.

The more force, the more solid.

538 (Small)

This stuff is so cool,

even the adults will want their own bowl.

Little Miss especially loved it.

She ended up taking some spare bags of Cornflour home,

so she could share it with her playdates.

544 (Small)

P.S.  Do NOT pour Goop down your drains!

We played outside and just hosed the stuff into the yard.

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Posted by on May 29, 2016 in Art and Craft, Family Life


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