The Ultimate Play Area

29 May

We have a clever Grandad.

Just recently he built the kids

(well mostly Little Miss)

a sandpit boat.

012 (Small)

This thing has everything.

A sandpit that has a lid

that doubles as a bridge or gangplank.

001 (Small)

A steering wheel for sailing the ship into uncharted waters.

045 (Small)

It even has a spyglass for checking for pirates.

053 (Small)

Surely everything a little kid could want.

But then…

060 (Small)

Grandad built the ultimate cubby house!

This thing also has everything

…and more!

874 (Small)

Yes, those would be solar panels

and a security light

that you can see.

873 (Small)

It has a little paved patio out the front,

complete with servery,

in case you want to play Cafes.

On other days, it might be a puppet theatre,

so there’s a bench there just in case.

Safety is high on the priority list,

so there’s an awning to keep the sun out,

and little banisters under the open windows,

as Little Miss kept bumping her head on the windows.

872 (Small)

Inside it is completely decked out.

Baskets and shelves for all of her important things,

a blackboard for her notes,

a little table for her phone,

(which is rigged up to ring inside the main house)

and a bed or seating, whichever you need at the time.

And yes, that’s a security panel you can see.

Where else would she type her security code!

Oh and there’s a little key thingie

and even a card swipe machine

(like what you’d used to open a door).

I mean, who knows what she’ll need in her game.

869 (Small)

But wait.

There’s still more!

When you fold up the bed/chair,

(it has a latch to secure it),

there is a steering wheel

attached to an old device with lots of buttons.

What more can a kid need or want!

880 (Small)

Even my boys love this cubby.

All those buttons and security features,

ensure that Little Miss has their undivided attention

for hours on end!

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