Term 1 & 2 Summaries 2016

28 Jun

End of the term time means summary time and since I didn’t do one at the end of term one, this one will cover our work for the past two terms.

Not exactly riveting reading but some people like the lists of resources and some people like to see what we get up to during the term.

So, here it is.



*Language Arts:

-Daily spelling lessons

-Daily parsing and sentence diagramming

-Daily Spencerian cursive practise with a fountain pen

-Daily punctuation exercises

-Daily independent reading

-Daily reading of “The Grimm Brothers: 101 Fairy Tales”

-Learned about appositive phrases (identified, created sentences that included them)

-Learned about gerunds

-Read more of Caesar’s English (reviewed Latin stems)

-Reviewed possessive apostrophes

-Explored analogies



-Outlined, drafted, edited essays over two to three week periods e.g. Dr Jenner and Smallpox, the Dalai Lama, Louis Pasteur, Mary Mallon

-Wrote narrations about readings

-Explored haiku poetry


*Literary Analysis:

-Read several versions of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, discussed the story, compared the versions and illustrations, discussed literary composition

-Read and discussed the literary composition of the picture books “Suri’s Wall” and “The Biggest Bear”

-Discussed “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” using “Teaching for Classics” techniques and began a critique with quotes


*Studied Shakespeare:

-Read a children’s version of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”

-Watched an animated version of the “Twelfth Night”

-Read “Shakespeare for Everyone” (commentary and summary of the “Twelfth Night”)

-Watched a movie version of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”

-Began read aloud Shakespeare’s play “Twelfth Night”


* Read alouds and audio stories:

-“Inkheart” (+movie)

-“A Christmas Carol” (audio + movie)

-“Frozen Fire” (Lamplighter audio about smallpox and Dr Jenner)

-“The Wind in the Willows” (audio)

-“Captains Courageous” (audio; Rudyard Kipling)

-“The Penderwicks” (audio; book 1)

-“The Penderwicks on Gardam Street” (audio; book 2)

-“The Penderwicks at Point Mouette” (audio; book 3)

-“The Penderwicks in Spring” (audio; book 4)

-“George’s Marvellous Medicine”

-“The Jungle Book” (audio + new movie; discussed differences)

-“Robinson Crusoe”

-“The BFG” (+new movie)

-“A Light Princess” (audio)

-“The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” (audio + movie)

-“The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie” (also read about May Gibbs)

-“100 Cupboards” (audio)



-Completed units on Ratio, Percentages, Geometry, Number Patterns, Cartesian planes, Linear Graphs, Inequalities, Area and Perimeter

-Watched MathTacular segment on Pi

-Used a compass to draw Mandalas

-Daily review of Math facts

-Daily Mental Math activities

-Read “Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere” & “Blockhead:  The Life of Fibonacci” (books about Fibonacci and the pattern he found)

-Began reading “The Number Devil”

-Went to see the movie “The Man Who Knew Infinity”




-Daily exercises from Visual Latin+Latins Not So Tough

-began creating personal Latin dictionaries




*Read and narrated:

-“Alfred Nobel”

-“Dr Jenner and the Speckled Monster” (about smallpox vaccine)

-Began reading “The Way We Work”

-“An American Plague” (about yellow fever)

-“Germ Hunter:  Louis Pasteur”

-“The Fight Against Microbes” (about Louis Pasteur)

-“Fatal Fever” (about Typhoid)

-“Theodoric’s Rainbow” (about the monk who experimented and discovered how rainbows are formed)

-“Come See the Earth Turn” (about Foucault and how he proved the rotation of the earth)

-Read a segment about Foucalt in “The Story of Science”

-“Michael Faraday”

-“Tiny: The Invisible World of Microbes”

-“Louis Pasteur”

-“Why Aren’t We Dead Yet?”

-“The Germ Detectives”

-“Summer Birds” (about insect life cycles and spontaneous generation)



-“Chemistry 101” (series + quizes)

– youtube video about the eradication of smallpox

-“The Mystery of Matter” (about history of the elements)

-“America’s Deadliest Outbreak” (about yellow fever)

-“Life On Us” (documentary about microbes on and in our body)

-watched episodes of “Grossology”

-“Inside the Human Body” (documentary)

-“The Brain That Changes Itself” & “Changing Your Mind” (documentaries about neuroplasticity)

-youtube videos about Faradays experiments



-squirrels in the US (also fed them)

-goanna in the wild


*Other Activities:

-kept a Science notebook

-wrote narrated summaries of learning

-researched difference between TNT and Dynamite

– experienced very extreme cold temperatures (-23C, feels like -35C with winds) and learned about frostbite precautions

– experienced falling snowed and observed the uniqueness and design of snowflakes as they fell;  played in snow

– tested whether boiling water would fall as snow when thrown in the air; partially true

– Visited New England Aquarium (in Boston) and saw fur seal training show, penguin show, and Giant Ocean Tank Talk (featuring sea turtles and rays); touched moon jellies

– Visited the Museum of Science (attended the Lightning show and the Explore the Universe Planetarium Show)

-Attended QUT university for a Rocket Science workshop using flight simular Orbiter (explored gravity, thrust, mass, weight, and altitude)

-Attended session on the QUT cube for a fireworks chemistry task




American History:


*Read and narrated:

-“William Penn:  Founder of Pennsylvania”

-“A More Perfect Union”

-“Abe’s Honest Words”

-“Voice of Freedom: A Story about Frederick Douglass”

-“The House that George Built”

-“Benjamin Franklin” (by d’Aulaire)

-“Arlington: The Story of our Nation’s Cemetery”

-“Thomas Jefferson:  A Day at Monticello”

-“Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope”

-“Saving the Liberty Bell”

-“Red, White and Blue:  The Story of the American Flag”

-“Ben and Me”

-“The Little Chapel That Stood” ( book about St Paul’s Chapel on September 11th)

-“Meet Thomas Jefferson”

-“Betsy Ross: Patriot of Philadelphia”

-“Parks for the People: The Life of Frederick Law Olmsted” (book about Central Park’s creator)

-“Thomas Jefferson Builds a Library”

-“The Flag Maker” (book about the Fort McHenry flag which inspired the anthem)

-“Make Way for Ducklings” (picture book set in Boston Common)

-“Duel!  Burr and Hamilton’s Deadly War of Words” (book about Alexander Hamilton’s duel)

-“By the Dawn’s Early Light (book about the creation of the US anthem

-“Let it Begin Here:  Lexington and Concord” (book about the first Battles of the American Revolution)

-“Paul Revere’s Ride” (poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

-“The White House is Burning” (about the War of 1812)

-“O Say Can You See” (about US symbols)

-“America’s Paul Revere”

-“Blizzard:  The Storm the Changed America” (audio)

-“Woods Runner” (about Hessians and US revolution)

-“City of Snow” (about the blizzard in 1888 in New York)

-“An American Plague” (yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia)

-“Brick by Brick” (about slave labour building the White House)

-“The Lost Colony of Roanoke”



-“Lincoln” (miniseries)

-“John Adams” (miniseries)

-“George Washington” (miniseries)

-“102 minutes that changed America” (September 11 documentary)

-“America Rebuilds” (documentary about demolishing and rebuilding world trade centre)

-“Life of Benjamin Franklin” (documentary)

-“Forgotten Ellis Island” (documentary)

-“History of New York City Subway” (documentary)

-“History of Empire State Building” (documentary)

-“Thomas Jefferson” (documentary Film by Ken Burns)

-youtube videos about Brooklyn Bridge, the story of the anthem, Alexander Hamilton,

-“Sons of Liberty” (miniseries)


*Other activities:

-listened to United States anthem and read/discussed the words

-observed/discussed US seals on a one dollar US bill


South American Past and Exploration


*Read and narrated:

-“The King’s Fifth” (audio about Spanish searching South America for gold)

-“A World Away” (set in Walter Raleigh’s time, about Roanoke)

-“The Legend of El Dorado”

-“The Dark History of the Aztec Empire”

-“Mario’s Mayan Journey”

-“Macchu Picchu: The Story of the Amazing Incas and the City in the Clouds”

-“The Hummingbird King” (a Mayan legend)

-“The Sad Night” (about the Aztecs and Cortes)

-“La Malinche” (about the female interpreter who helped Cortes)

-“Montezuma and the Fall of the Aztecs”

-“Sir Walter Raleigh and the Quest for El Dorado”

-“Tikal” (about the Mayans)



-“Treasures Decoded:  The Legend of El Dorado” (documentary)

-“Lost Treasures of the Ancient World: The Aztecs and the Mayans” (documentary)

-“Apocalpyto” (movie, censored)

-“Ghost of Macchu Picchu” (documentary)

-“The Mission” (about missionary work in South America)

-“End of the Spear” (movie), “Beyond the Gates of Splendour” and “The Grandfathers” (both documentaries) – about missionaries in Ecuador bringing God to the Wandani tribe

-“The Black Robe” (movie about missionaries, set in Canada though; censored)

-“America Before Columbus” (documentary)

-“Elizabeth” (because of connections with Walter Raleigh)

-“Conquistadors” (documentary)


Other Explorers


*Read and narrated:

-“The Queen’s Pirate – Francis Drake”

-“Columbus” (by Demi)



-“1492:  The Conquest of Paradise” (about Columbus)




-read “The Lewis Chessmen”, researched further about the chess pieces and found where they were used in a Harry Potter movie

-attended the exhibition, “Medieval Power”

-read “Caedmon’s Song” (about a medieval shepherd who was gifted with the ability to create hymns and becomes a monk)




-reread “The Rabbits” by John Marsden and Shaun Tann (book about the invasion of a foreign species and how it affects the native species)

-attend a performance of “The Rabbits” at QPAC

-visited the centenary exhibition,”Spirit of Anzac”


Other Topics:


– read a picture book about “Alfred Nobel”

-read “The Man Who Walked Between the Towers” (about the tight rope walker who walked between the twin towers)

-watched “The Walk” (movie) about Phillipe Petit’s walk between the Twin Towers

-read “Mr Ferris and His Wheel” (about the designer/builder of the first ferris wheel)

-read about the Chicago World Fair and about the previous fair where the Eiffel Tower was the showcase piece.




-kept a Geography notebook

-reviewed the countries in various continents

-mapped countries we studied




*Read and narrated:


-“Boy on the Lion Throne” (about Dalai Lama)

-“God Spoke Tibetan” (about translating the bible into Tibetan)

-“The Dalai Lama” (by Demi)

-“Buddha” (by Demi)

-chapter about Buddhism in the book “The Kids Book of World Religions”

-“Tibet Through the Red Box”



-“Seven Years in Tibet” (movie)

-“The Unwinking Gaze” (documentary)

-“The Lost World of Tibet” (documentary)

-“A Year in Tibet” (documentary series)

-“Kundun” (movie about Dalai Lama)

-“Tibet:  Cry of the Snow Lion” ( about life in Tibet under Chinese rule)




*Read and narrated:

-“The Great Wave”

-“One Day in Japan with Hokusai” (from the Adventures in Art series)

-“The Cat Who Went to Heaven” (which told us more about Buddha and Prince Siddhartha)

-“Travelling Solo to Japan”

-“A carp for Kimiko”

-“The Boy in the Garden”

-“Life in Ancient Japan”

-“Once Upon a Time in Japan” (Japanese folktales)

-“I am Tama, Lucky Cat”

-“The Boy of the Three Year Nap”

-“The Old Man Mad About Drawing” (another book about Hokusai, a Japanese artist)

-“Great Warriors – Samurai”

-“Wabi Sabi”


-“Real Samauris”



– “The Last Samurai” (movie)


Middle Eastern Countries/Culture


*Read and narrated:

-“The Thousand Nights and One Night”




-watched “The Impossible” (movie about 2004 tsunami in Indonesia)

-read “The Tsunami Book”

-investigated how tsunamis are formed

-watched youtube videos that explained what causes them and how the waves appear and are formed

-read the picture book “The Day of the Elephant” and discussed the ‘sixth sense’ of animals

-watched “Tsunami:  The Aftermath” (mini-series)




-read the picture book, “City of Snow” (about the blizzard in 1888 in New York)

-“Blizzard:  The Storm the Changed America” (audio)

-watched “Everest” (movie), discussed motivations for climbing mountain, cold weather conditions and dangers




Holiday to the East Coast of the US

7th Feb (Sunday):  We flew to LA where we changed planes to connect with our flight to New York; arriving in NY around 8pm.  After checking into our hotel, Hotel Edison (a hotel where Edison switched on the lights), we explored Time Square.

8th Feb (Monday):

* Uptown Bus Tour in snow flurries to see how most New Yorkers live

* First experience of real snowing conditions

* Visited the Guggenheim Art Museum

– saw paintings by Picasso, Kandinsky, Cezanne, Gauguin, Klee, Degas, Matisse, Monet and others

* Visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art

– spent time exploring the Ancient Greece artworks

– took a guided highlights tour

* Walked through Central Park and observed squirrels

* Went on a Broadway Walking Tour

* Went to the Majestic Theatre to see a performance of “Phantom of the Opera”


9th Feb (Tuesday):

* Talked to the owner of a NY diner about the upcoming US elections; discussed Trump and Clinton

* Downtown Bus Tour to the more historic park to town

* Visited the World Trade Centre Memorial Pools & Museum

– watched a movie about September 11th

– attended a talk about sending WTC steel to Afghanistan as memorials

– talked to survivor and looked through his photos from the day

* Wall Street Walking Tour

– saw wooden wall memorial markers, NY Stock Exchange, Federal Hall, 1920 bomb blast damage on JP Morgan building, Delmonico’s Restaurant, Stone Street (first paved road in NY), Bowling Green, Charging Bull, St Trinity Church graveyard (where Robert Fulton and Alexander Hamilton are buried), ticker tape parade sidewalk markers, FDNY 9/11 Memorial Wall, and World Trade Centre site

* finished Downtown Bus Tour in the evening

* part of our group went to a Knicks basketball game while the rest shopped


10th Feb (Wednesday):

* Took a subway to Union Square Markets

* Took the Empire State Building audio tour up to the observation deck to see the views

* Took a NY cab to Circle Line cruise around Manhattan Island

– saw Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and George Washington Bridge (with little Red Lighthouse under it), saw a bridge ‘open’ for us, United Nations building, Yankee Stadium and more

* Went to a Star Wars exhibition at the Discovery Centre


11th Feb (Thursday):

* Took the subway to ferry to visit Statue of Liberty island and Ellis Island

– took audio tours at both

* Subway home

* Visited “Top of the Rock” (top of Rockerfeller Centre) at night to see views


12th Feb (Friday):

* Visited Grand Central Station and did the audio tour

* Visited the New York Public Library

– saw a Gutenberg Bible

* Took at subway from Grand Central Station to the Bowling Green and Charging Bull for photos

* Visited the Holocaust Museum

* Took the subway to the Natural History Museum

* Took subway to Madame Tussauds and saw a 4d Marvel show

* Went on an interactive bus tour called, “The Ride”


13th Feb (Saturday):

* Left New York to drive to Boston; snow coverage increased as we drove north

* Settled into our authentic Boston rowhouse

* Explored Boston Common

– played with & fed squirrels

– walked on frozen pond

– saw the “Make Way for Ducklings” sculptures

* Began the Freedom Trail walk

– visiting Granary Burying Ground (where Paul Revere, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, the Boston Massacre victims, and Benjamin Franklin’s relatives were buried)

* Experienced extreme cold temperatures and heard lots of warnings about frost bite


14th Feb (Sunday):

* Experience very extreme temperatures (-23C, feels like -35C with winds)

* Tested whether boiling water would fall as snow when thrown in the air; partially true

* Visited New England Aquarium

– saw fur seal training show, penguin show, and Giant Ocean Tank Talk (featuring sea turtles and rays)

– touched moon jellies

* Had our photos taken on an ice sculpture

* Walked to Quincy Market for lunch (here Samuel Adam’s stirred up the crowd with public speeches) and shopped the markets

* Saw the Cheers Bar (and another day the Cheers stairs)

* Walked to Boston Skywalk Observatory for an audio tour of the view

– watched through their videos of Boston

-heard about the Boston molasses tsunami


15th Feb (Monday-Presidents’ Day):

* Visited the Museum of Fine Arts

– took a gallery highlights tour

– viewed the architecture of the building

– discussed the difference between modern art and other art

– saw Andy Warhol’s, “Red Disaster”, Buddhist statues, one of Degas’ dancer sculptures, paintings by Monet, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Homer, Sargent, plus Egyptian statues and art restoration processes

* Completed the Freedom Trail

– visiting Massachusetts State House, King’s Chapel Burial Grounds (where Mary Chilton the first women to step off the Mayflower is buried), Boston Latin School (where Franklin, Sam Adams, John Hancock and Robert Paine went to school, Franklin of course did not graduate), the Old Corner Bookstore where books by Longfellow, Beecher Stowe, Hawthorne, Emerson, and Alcott were published), the Old South Meeting House (where the meeting before the Boston Tea Party was held), the Old State House (from where the Declaration was first read to Bostonians), the site of the Boston Massacre, Faneuil Hall (where the Sons of Liberty first proclaimed their dissent against Royal oppression), Paul Revere’s House, the Old North Church (where lanterns were hung from the steeple to signal the advancement of British troops towards Lexington and Concord), and Copp’s Hill Burial Ground

* Visited the Museum of Science

– attended the Lightning show and the Explore the Universe Planetarium Show

* Snowed on the walk home; observed the uniqueness and design of snowflakes as they fell


16th Feb (Tuesday):

* Drove north to Salem to visit the Salem Witch Museum animatronics presentation

* Drove south in rain all day to Philadelphia

* Settled into our historic rowhouse in Philadelphia


17th Feb (Wednesday):

* Walked the Independence Trail

– visiting Independence Visitors Centre, the President’s House (remains of the building where Washington and Adams lived while President in Philadelphia), the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall (where the second continental congress was held and the declaration was signed, the constitution was also debated and signed here), saw the printed Declaration that was first read at Independence Hall, Congress Hall (which served as the first Capitol Building), the Signer Sculpture, Franklin Court (Benjamin Franklin’s house remain, frame, museum), and Benjamin Franklin’s grave

– we talked to and listened to presentations by rangers in each building

* Visited Eastern State Penitentiary and took a guided tour


18th Feb (Thursday):

* Joined a guided walking tour of Independence Trail, revisiting buildings and several we hadn’t seen – Old City Hall (which served as the Supreme Court), Carpenter’s Hall (where the first continental congress was held), printer’s shop (where we attended a demonstration), Christ Church (where Benjamin Franklin, Betsy Ross and George Washington attended church, we sat in the Franklin pew), glanced at the Betsy Ross house, and saw the Friends Meeting House

* Had a traditional Philly Cheese Steak for lunch

* Drove to Washington D.C. and settled into our rooms at the Hilton, before heading out to a Chinese restaurant down the road from the White House


19th Feb (Friday):

* Took a metro to Union Station where we had breakfast and explored the station

* Ethan was sick so Liam and Ethan returned to hotel, while Brayden and I went on alone

* Walked past Supreme Court where the media and public where waiting to file past the body of the late Supreme Court Judge

* Visited the Library of Congress

– viewing Thomas Jefferson’s library and original books, the main reading room, and another copy of a Gutenberg Bible

* Walked past the Capitol Building

* Visited the National Archives

– saw a copy of the Magna Charta, and the handwritten original copies of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights

* Viewed the White House and also a protest about the atrocities in Darfur

* Walked past the Washington Monument

* Visited the National Museum of American History where we saw the Fort McHenry Star Spangled Banner that inspired the anthem

* Took a metro home

* Some of us went on a ‘Ghosts in Georgetown’ walking tour


2oth Feb (Saturday):

* Visited the Thomas Jefferson Memorial

* Visited the Air and Space Museum

– saw Apollo 11 Command module, space memorabilia, Buzz Aldrin’s space suit, Wright Brothers’ bike and plane, Charles Lindbergh’s ‘Spirit of St Louis’

* Visited the National Museum of American History a second time to see the Fort McHenry Star Spangled Banner again

* Took a guided walking tour of Washington War Memorials

– saw the Washington Monument, World War Two Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, Korea War Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial

* Took the Lincoln Assassination guided walking tour

– stopped at key location in the story and viewed the buildings where events occurred, ending at Ford Theatre


21st Feb (Sunday):

* Drove north towards New York airport

* Stopping for lunch on the Jersey Shore to see the Atlantic Ocean

* Boarded our plane in New York, switching plane in LA to return home


Tech & Design:


-watched “The Wright Brother’s Flying Machine” (documentary)

-helps teach computer programming at a school each week

-built a 3D puzzle of the Empire State Building, the White House and the Statue of Liberty

-Skype chatted regualarly

-Played Minecrafted, and programs own components of the game

-built contraptions from lego using the book “Crazy Action Contraptions”

-observed and assisted with the replacement of a hot water system, fixing of a fence, toilet and security system

-worked together to build a large motorised Knex Ferris Wheel

-fixed a problem with the Playstation controllers

-explored the flight simulation program Orbiter

-attended a Rocket Science workshop at QUT to explore the flight simulation program Orbiter and the interactive Cube

-built a dynamo torch from a kit

-did a woodworking task with Grandad to make a table guard for our lino carving project


The Arts: 


– Visited the Guggenheim Art Museum (in NY) – saw paintings by Picasso, Kandinsky, Cezanne, Gauguin, Klee, Degas, Matisse, Monet and others

-Visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art (in NY) -spent time exploring the Ancient Greece artworks and took a guided highlights tour

-Went of walking tour of Broadway in NY and learned about famous theatres & performances

– Visited the Museum of Fine Arts (in Boston) – took a gallery highlights tour, viewed the architecture of the building, discussed the difference between modern art and other art, and saw Andy Warhol’s, “Red Disaster”, Buddhist statues, one of Degas’ dancer sculptures, paintings by Monet, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Homer, Sargent, plus Egyptian statues and art restoration processes

-read books about the Japanese artist, Hokusai and looked at his wood block prints

-discussed the collaged illustrations in the book “Wabi Sabi”

-explored printmaking of engravings and woodcutting, by watching youtube videos

-created a mandala with a compass and coloured it

-designed lino carvings, carved the lino and printed the lino carvings

– watched a video on how music was created for animated movies – “Scoretopia”


*Theatre performances:

-“George’s Marvellous Medicine” (and also reread the book)

-“Phantom of the Opera” (on Broadway in New York)

-“The Peasant Prince” (also reread the book)

– “The Rabbits” (children’s opera)


Health & PE:

*Physical Education:

-enjoyed ‘slip and slide’ afternoons with family

-regularly played table tennis

-recreational swimming

-regularly played at the parks and nature reserves with friends

-scootering, riding and walking

-games like “Stuck in the Mud” and tiggy

-played the Wii with friends

-totem tennis, bean bag tossing game, & tug-o-war with friends



-watched/discussed news report about dangerous breath holding games under water

-read about immunisations and received their final immunisations

-Read “Omnivore’s Dilemma”

-checked ingredients in items in our kitchen

-discussed food choices and types of eggs and meat (organic, beef fed, caged, etc)

-watched “Cowspiracy” (documentary)

-watched “Supersize Me” (documentary)



Civics & Finances:


– listened to discussion with NY diner owner about US elections and main candidates

-discussed and attended local and mayoral elections

-discussed and explained the referendum

-read “Pirates of Financial Freedom”

-read “Government in Australia”

-watched BTN’s “Levels of Government” video

-visited the Logan local City Council, met the mayor and a councillor

-learning about local government.




-spent two weeks exploring New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington D.C

-visited the museum’s special exhibition, Medieval Power

-attended a Rocket Science workshop and session on the Cube at QUT Gardens Point

-visited the local council for an excursion and met the mayor and a councillor

-attended the exhibition “Spirit of Anzac” which commemorates the centenary of Anzac

-attended “George’s Marvellous Medicine” (and also reread the book)

– attended “Phantom of the Opera” (on Broadway in New York)

– attended “The Peasant Prince” (also reread the book)

– attended “The Rabbits” (children’s opera)




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