Mere Motherhood

14 Aug

Have anyone else purchased and already devoured

Cindy Rollins’ first book, “Mere Motherhood”?

I was counting down the sleeps for this book to be released,

and then counting down the sleeps for it to arrive at my house.

Thankfully items purchased from the CIRCE Institute always arrive promptly.

My only complaint was that I finished reading “Mere Motherhood” in under 24 hours.

I didn’t want it to end.

If you haven’t heard of Cindy Rollins,

drop everything and go and check out her CIRCE podcast, “The Mason Jar

or scroll through CIRCE’s audios looking for Cindy’s talks

(and Andrew Kern’s talks and Angelina Stanford’s talks

…and the list goes on and on because you can’t go wrong with CIRCE audios

but I digress).

004 (Small)

“Mere Motherhood” is two parts Cindy’s memoirs and one part philosophy.

Cindy describes her family as it grows one child at a time

(to nine children – 8 boys and a girl)

while moving all over the US

following her husband’s work.

She talks about moments of great joy,

her moments of great fear

and the hilarious, sometimes hair-raising antics of her children.

She also talks about their homeschooling,

dropping the names of much loved books that shaped her family.

(Warning – your Amazon carts will fill quickly as you read this book!)

Cindy describes their ‘Morning Time’ (for which she is most well-known),

emphasises narrations (a chapter which really impacted me),

and shares about their brief experience with workbooks.

Cindy doesn’t write as though she has all the answers,

in fact, she says that there are only a few things that she knows for certain.

She says:

“Here is what I do know, what I am willing to share with you. 

There are three things that cover a multitude of sins: 

reading, reading aloud, and written narrations.”

005 (Small)

The later chapters of her books were my favourites.

She writes about family, culture, philosophy, and marriage.

She also shares about life as her children left the nest.

My favourite quote from “Mere Motherhood” was:

“Part of the sanctification of motherhood is learning to trust. 

One day we will come to the end of what we can do for our children. 

In those early day our children cannot live without us,

but slowly they grow up and move away. 

This is almost always heart-wrenching,

but the process also gives us a chance

to lean on our Heavenly Father and to trust Him more. 

God has entrusted us with a great treasure. 

It is our life lesson to hand it back. 

To let it go. 

Our children must not become ‘Our Precious’.

In the end, we are merely mothers.”


“Mere Motherhood” was a wonderful read.

Reading the book is like sitting talking to an older, wiser homeschool mother,

listening to her stories and gleaning wisdom.

I loved Cindy Rollins’ “Mere Motherhood”.

It’s the best homeschool book I’ve read this year!




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3 responses to “Mere Motherhood

  1. angietester01

    October 6, 2016 at 5:29 am

    Remembering you’d read this book, I came here wanting to know where you purchased ‘Mere Motherhood’ from. I see it was from the CIRCE Institute itself. Was hoping it would be available within Australia. I’m thinking of end of year holiday reading 🙂

    • Tracey

      October 6, 2016 at 11:02 am

      I’ve only found it on Circe’s website and I also found a copy at Abebooks (sourced from Eighth Day Books) but it’s cheaper from Circe. With postage I paid a little under $40US so it’s not cheap. It’s the shipping that’s a killer. More than the price of the book. But it’s a pretty normal shipping price from the US.

  2. Angie Tester

    October 12, 2016 at 6:06 am

    Thank you, I’ll have to look into it 🙂


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