Catching Up My Blogging Slackness

03 Sep

I’m still here.  Honest I am.

I’ve just been very slack about updating this blog.

I have no intentions of stopping blogging though

but sometimes I’m just uninspired

or inspired by non-blogging things.

So what have we been up to?

Well both boys have increased in age, against my will.

Ethan is now 15 and Brayden 13.

Check out the Minecraft cake

their friend Lauren made for them.

She’s only 13!  Clever, isn’t she?

(But now how do we compete with her birthday cake.

My thinking cap is on

but my neurons are starting to give off that burning smell.)

016 (Small)

For his birthday,

we gave Ethan a Raspberry Pi.

Nope, nothing to do with food.

It’s basically (the only understanding I have)

a computer the size of a credit card.

(It’s pictured below inside its case.)

005 (Small)

Since we have little (hubby) to no (that’s me) knowledge

of what to do with a Raspberry Pi,

we bought Ethan a pile of books about it.

010 (Small)

They seem to have done the trick

as Ethan had the thing up and running the same night.

I look at this little Raspberry Pi thing,

which we purchased for a little over a hundred dollars,

and wonder why we spend nearly a thousand to buy a bigger machine

when this little thing seems to do most of the same stuff.

009 (Small)

Recently we also visited the Science Centre.

We hadn’t seen the “Measure Island” exhibition yet.

Well we’d seen it in Canberra at Questacon many years ago.

010 (Small)

We also took the boys’ young cousins, Aria and Evie.

028 (Small)

It was their first visit

so we had fun introducing them to our favourite activities.

059 (Small)

Aria loved the Science Centre.

She’s currently fascinated by the human body

and had a blast exploring all the human body exhibits.

168 (Small)

I loved when Little Miss Aria touched the plasma ball and declared,

“Look mum!  Power comes out of my hand.”

Clearly she knows a lot about super heroes

but not much about electricity just yet.

073 (Small)

Little Miss Evie also had her mind expanded.

We parked her near the floating ball

and she was mesmerised.

066 (Small)

Just look at her precious little face!

076 (Small)

We may have stretched her baby mind a little too much

when we took her to see reflections in different mirrors.

099 (Small)

Her big sister thought the mirrors were wonderful.

105 (Small)

Little Missy had to learn the hard lesson of losing

(She’s really too old to let her win at everything nowadays).

When she lost this running race,

she was not pleased.

We explained about the boys having longer legs

but she cried, “I wanted to winned”.

So we told her that she ‘winned’ at coming last.

She looked at us while she pondered this

and decided it was no compensation at all.

123 (Small)

It was lovely sharing our favourite place with our favourite girls.

I remember when my boys were as little as my nieces,

having their photos taken under this arch.

117 (Small)

But look at my ‘little’ men now.

Ethan is 165cm tall.

That’s taller than me!!

014 (Small)

I’m 155cm so Brayden has a little more growing to catch me

but it won’t be long now.

013 (Small)

Before leaving the Museum, we caught a performance

by a group of Thursday Island students.

203 (Small)

Staying to watch made us late for our next engagement,

but it was too good to miss.

204 (Small)

Look at my ‘little’ men protecting their little cousin.

Ethan has his arm around Aria

in both a protective manner

(I’d gone to collect our bags so Ethan put his arm around her when I left)

and in a comforting manner

(the noise and movement of the dance was right on the upper limits of Aria’s comfort levels

so she was applying all of her comfort measures – thumb in the mouth and moving backwards).

So sweet.

218 (Small)

On the book-front, lots of books have been read

and a good plenty have been purchased.

I finally purchased a box set of Beatrix Potter’s little books.

We never read them to the boys when they were little.

I didn’t know any better.

But in more recent years, I’ve felt bad about this

so I determined that I would purchase a set

and read them to the boys now.

You are never too old for a good book.

And we are all three enjoying them.

(If you want to find a cheap box set, check places like Big W & Target.

I found mine at Big W for a fifth of the bookstore/online price.)

001 (Small)

Recently, we also watched the play, “Twelfth Night”.

First we watched the play on dvd

003 (Small)

and then we attended a performance.

Both were excellent.

The “Twelfth Night” is a hilarious play.

We loved it!

002 (Small)

Last week we spent the afternoon watching wildlife.

017 (Small)

But not in its natural habitat.

This carpet python was spotted on the neighbour’s roof.

He was a decent size too.

006 (Small)

He came up from the guttering and was trying to find a way into the roof space.

We watched him for ages.

Thankfully, for the neighbours,

he never managed to find a way in,

although he tried hard.

In the end, he went back down the drain pipe,

and hopefully back into the bush!

009 (Small)


when we haven’t been out and about,

we’ve been home

hitting the books

and working hard

…of course.

So that’s what we’ve been up to while I’ve been blog-silent.


001 (Small)

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