Pain, Pus and Poison

03 Sep

No, this is not the title of a horror story

…although, at times it came close.

“Pain, Pus and Poison” is the name of the documentary series we just finished watching

and, of course, I had to share it.

(Sorry to all my squirmy readers.

We watch and read a lot of gross stuff.

Gross stuff is often the most interesting stuff.)

004 (Small)

There were three hour long episodes in this series:

one named “Pain” which was about the search for pain relief;

one named “Pus” which was about killing infections before they killed you;

and one named “Poison” which was about the view that poisons can be potential cures.

Every single one of these episodes

was fascinating.

And yes, they occasionally grossed us out.

006 (Small)

Did you know that mustard gas

(yes the deadly gas used in WW1)

was the world’s first chemotherapy drug?

Did you know that Botox is the world deadliest poison?

Yep, that one that people inject willfully into their faces.

Did you know that it wasn’t all that uncommon to die from simple cuts and scratches

prior to the discovery of Penicillin?

Or that Penicillin’s development happened during WW2

and is given some credit for the allies winning the war?

Can you even begin to imagine the horrors of surgery

while you are awake and without any form of pain relief?

My mind just boggles.

002 (Small)

We thoroughly enjoyed this series!

I think I’ll have to look at some other Michael Mosley documentaries.

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