Shakespeare’s Globe Dvds

03 Sep

Do you know about the “Shakespeare’s Globe” dvds?

I recently stumbled upon them

and have to share.

We purchased a box set

to start our collection

(that seemed the most economical way)

and hoped we were onto a good thing.

Then, last week, we sat down to watch “Twelfth Night”,

the first in our collection

(and a play we would also see performed on stage).

Well, let me tell you,

it was the very best Shakespeare performance

we had EVER seen!

(And we’ve seen a few now – on dvd and performed live).

001 (Small)

The dvd is a professional video of a live performance

from the Globe in London.

So, of course, the performers were the very best.

While you are watching, you also get to see the Globe

in all its glory.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to attend a live performance.

I think I’d pay for a seated ticket though.

The “Twelfth Night” was three hours long!

I couldn’t imagine standing in one place for that long.

Thankfully, we were watching on dvd,

and could choose to spread the play over three nights.

This particular play uses male actors for the female roles.

At first, it was a bit awkward,

but, once we got used to it, we loved it!

The male ‘females’  added to the hilarity of the play.

Gosh, we laughed hard throughout this play.

A simple gesture or a look from the actors had us in stitches.

And don’t worry about being confused by the Shakespearean language.

The dvds have captions, which is a brilliant idea,

and the actors are so talented that you just fall into the story

and become engrossed.

003 (Small)

After watching the “Twelfth Night”,

I order another box set that included the play “As You Like It”

(the next play we’ll see performed live

– even with a brilliant dvd,

there is still something special and not-to-be-missed about a live performance).

002 (Small)

But, then, after talking to Hubby about the brilliance of these “Shakespeare’s Globe” dvds,

we found an even bigger collection of “Shakespeare’s Globe” dvds.

This collection includes 19 plays

for a fraction of the price of ordering 19 plays.

So we jumped and bought it.

(Shop around.  Prices really vary.  We found ours on Fishpond.)

We’re excitedly waiting for their delivery.

The plan is to watch our way through the plays we’ve already attended on stage.

Then we’ll wait until live performance opportunities arise, before watching the others.

Watching these dvds is an excellent way to prepare for a live performance.

And if you can’t attend a live performance,

these are an excellent substitute.

I’m just amazed that it took us so long to hear about these dvds.

(And, no, this isn’t a compensated review.

We just love these dvds and didn’t want you to miss them.)


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Posted by on September 3, 2016 in Language


One response to “Shakespeare’s Globe Dvds

  1. Lisa

    September 3, 2016 at 11:37 pm

    We had the pleasure of attending a Globe performance earlier in the year. I had no idea there were DVD’s and am looking forward to seeing if we can get some ourselves. Thanks so much for that information.


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