Little Bits Workshop

05 Sep

A few weeks back we went to a “Little Bits” workshop at QUT.

001 (Small)

Little Bits are electronic building blocks

that snap together magnetically.

005 (Small)

We own “Snap Circuits” sets (also called “Brainboxes”)

but Little Bits are a step up in complexity

(and a jump up in price too).

015 (Small)

The workshop set the students a number of challenges

that increased in complexity

throughout the morning.

012 (Small)

Little Bits also differ from Snap Circuits

in that they can be used in conjunction

with other items

to invent gadgets.

I think this makes Little Bits a more versatile tool.

035 (Small)

One of the challenges that was set for the students

was to create a device

that could grab an object like a pencil.

This is what our group of boys came up with.

Another challenge the boys were given

was to use recyclable items

to create a satellite dish

that would work in conjunction

with their Little Bit configuration

020 (Small)

to convert sound to light

to travel across a distance to their dish

and then bounce to their receiver

which would convert the light back into sound.

031 (Small)

It’s simpler than it sounds

…at least that’s what the kids said.

Before long the kids had “We Will Rock You”

blaring out of their “Little Bit” speaker.

022 (Small)

My boys thoroughly enjoyed this workshop

We might just have to invest in a set

…one day.

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