The Circus

01 Oct

Guess where we went last night?

Okay, so the title of this post gave it away.

Yep, we went to the circus.

172 (Small)

It’s been simply ages since I’ve been to a circus.

As a kid, my dad took us every time the circus came to town.

I’ve been meaning to take my boys since they were little.

So, when my sister said she was taking my niece,

we decided to tag along

and I’m so glad we did.

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The circus was absolutely amazing.

There were lions and camels and cute little dogs

and of course monkeys riding on the backs of ponies.

It was simply wonderful.

004 (Small)

Yes, there were exotic animals.

Well cared for and well loved animals.

I’m so glad my children got the opportunity to see a circus with exotic animals.

There may come a time in the future

when a minority (of ill-informed voices with misguided agendas)

ruin a wonderful much loved tradition

for generations of families to come.
174 (Small)

The lions were awesome.

Children who go to the circus

fall in love with the majesty of lions

after seeing them up close.

Their rumbling roars and their impressive presence.

180 (Small)

The acrobats were also spectacular.

The lady who could bend and twist in totally unnatural ways.

The strong father who could lift his talented 11 year old daughter

up into the air with only one hand,

while she balanced upside-down on his palm with one hand!!

But my favourite act with the wheel of death.

A performed ran around the inside of what looked like a giant hamster wheel,

while the whole wheel structure itself revolved as well.

And, as if that wasn’t spectacular enough itself,

he then began running around the outside of the wheel!!

He also skipped rope around the outside

and then donned a hood to do it all blind.

I admit to saying a few prayers for the performer’s safety.

181 (Small)

The circus was two hours of quick-paced breathtaking and talented performances.

It was a night to remember, worth every dollar and more of the admission costs.

My boys have already asked when we will next go to the circus

and my three year old niece was simply in jaw-dropping awe.

The Lennon Brother circus performers were amazing.

If you are looking for something brilliant to do this long weekend,

dash out to Ipswich and catch a show before they leave.

Protest against the protestors

and go and support a fantastic family tradition.

We’ll definitely be going to the circus

the next time they are in town!

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