Lennie the Legend

02 Oct

We read a great little book over the holidays.

It was called, “Lennie the Legend:  Solo to Sydney by Pony”.

Alone, nine year old Lennie Gwyther rides his pony Ginger Mick

all the way from Leongatha, Victoria, to Sydney

to see the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

001 (Small)

Believe it or not, this is a true story.

The book retells his story

003 (Small)

and includes a number of photos and clippings from the Gwyther albums.

006 (Small)

Each chapter also includes an information section.

It’s an excellent children’s book!

One I highly recommend.

Not only did we learn about the courage and tenacity of Lennie,

but we also learned a lot about life in Australia at that time.

004 (Small)

The author, Stephanie Owen Reeder,

has written several great children’s books

based on historical events.

Coincidentally, I have several of them

and love them all.

(I didn’t realise they were all by the same author

until I was looking for more books like “Lennie the Legend”).

008 (Small)

So if you are looking for a great children’s book

set in Australian History,

check out “Lennie the Legend”

or one of Stephanie’s other books.

(If you want to know more about Lennie and this book,

there is a great podcast about it here.)

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