Life is Full = Blog is Empty

03 Dec

Oh, my poor neglected blog.

Truly, I haven’t forgotten you.

We’ve just been busy living.

First of all, there is school work to complete.

004 (Small)

There are hours of reading aloud;

the main staple of our learning.

001 (Small)

Then there’s Math – Highschool Math

(How many of you just shuddered?).

001 (Small)

And then there’s Language – English and Latin.

All of these things take time.

015 (Small)

Don’t fret.  I know all of these photos were of Ethan.

But Brayden also had work to do.


004 (Small)

When we aren’t doing planned learning,

the boys are exploring their own interests.

Here the boys are building the Platonic solids with Magformers.

006 (Small)

Magformers are one of our favourite toys!

006 (Small)

Here Ethan is building a hydro-pneumatic dump tray.

004 (Small)

There were a number of hyrdo-pneumatic models that were built from the contents of this kit.

019 (Small)

Ethan’s also spent a lot of time teaching himself various different programming languages.

He also helps teach programming at an afterschool class.

003 (Small)

No, we don’t spend all of our days indoors.

We regularly head to a local nature reserve,

003 (Small)

to play with friends

(while the mum’s talk about great books)

017 (Small)

and go on bush walks.

001 (Small)

On our last visit, we saw our little wallaby friend

and her new joey.

004 (Medium)

The joey is quite young

005 (Medium)

and still hairless.

006 (Medium)

The joey appeared to be trying to climb out

but didn’t yet seem able.

014 (Medium)

We also regularly head to a trampolining centre

093 (Small)

for a morning of bouncing around with friends.

033 (Small)

We’ve also been on several excursions this term.

We went to the local landfill for a bus tour around the dump.

030 (Small)

It was a lot more interesting than it sounds

(and not nearly as smelly, since we kept the windows tightly shut in the bus!).

043 (Small)

Did you know that they employ people to periodically scare away the birds?

049 (Small)

Another day, we went to the Art Gallery with friends.

011 (Small)

This was by far my favourite artwork.

The little girl in the centre just looks right into your soul.

029 (Small)

I tried not to compare our Brisbane galleries with the US galleries we visited earlier this year,

but I couldn’t help it.

Our galleries are pitiful in comparison.

005 (Small)

We also went to the museum

053 (Small)

and fell in love with the Satin Bowerbird.

The male Satin Bowerbird is the ultimate home decorator,

collecting bright blue things to decorate his bower

in order to attract a female.

065 (Small)

We were also fascinated by this piece of wood that had been eaten by shipworm.

The explorers’ ships were plagued by these little bivalve molluscs.

On Columbus’ fourth journey to the Americas, he wrote that his ships were

“… rotten, worm-eaten … more riddled with holes than a honeycomb…”.

Doesn’t it sound, just like this piece of wood looks.

In fact, all of Columbus’ ships sank on that voyage and they were marooned until rescued.

068 (Small)

While at the Museum, we also visited the Discovery Centre.

093 (Small)

The boys particularly liked touching various snake skins.

096 (Small)

On November 14th, we went to the beach to see the giant supermoon.

004 (Small)

We thought we’d be the only people on the Gold Coast going to the beach at night

046 (Small)

but seemingly plenty of people wanted to see the moon rise out of the ocean

…although the clouds weren’t very cooperative.

007 (Small)

We didn’t think the supermoon was all that impressive,

but it did seem somewhat brighter.

144 (Small)

We can at least say that we saw it.

129 (Small)

We also went to the beach in the daytime.

440 (Small)

Well, it wasn’t exactly the beach.

It’s a little lagoon in the Broadwater,

which is a waterway protected from the ocean waves by a peninsula.

335 (Small)

But it’s perfect for a morning of fun in the sun with little ones.

417 (Small)

My niece, Little Miss, and ‘her boy’ Brayden spent a lot of time together

digging and building in the sand.

438 (Small)

This was Baby Miss’ first time on the beach and in sand.

She spent ages taking handfuls of sand and dropping it on herself.

409 (Small)

(I just love her little scrunched-nose expression!)

387 (Small)

And yes, she was covered with a big hat,

but we had to take it off for some pictures of her little face.

421 (Small)

At the lagoon, there’s a nice long sandbar

so, at low tide, we took a walk out to the end of it.

295 (Small)

The boys decided to swim from the end of the sandbar across the opening of the lagoon.

337 (Small)

Little Miss did her best to argue that she was also big enough to swim across

319 (Small)

but she lost that battle

325 (Small)

and had to walk back around via the sandbar.

322 (Small)

Personally, I wouldn’t have swum across.

We saw quite a number of Blue Blubber jellyfish in the water.

But, boys have no fear.

282 (Small)

Just recently, I spent every available moment I had, for four days straight,

compiling a photo book of our US East Coast holiday.

006 (Small)

I had a 50% off coupon and I was determined not to miss using it.

005 (Small)

Can you believe that, only 4 days after ordering it from the US,

it was on my door step?!

I was impressed!!!

004 (Small)

So, you see, whether we were out and about,

451 (Small)

or at home working hard,

life has been full of many things.

001 (Small)

But I haven’t forgotten you dear blog.

I promise to make a better effort to write more often.




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