Term 4 Summary 2016

07 Dec

While we’ve technically finished for the year, we are still reading aloud, watching nightly documentaries and going on excursions.

But, here’s what we accomplished during the term.


*Read “Everyday Battles:  Knowing God Through our Daily Conflicts”



*Worked on textbook exercises each day finishing the text

*Finished reading “String, Straight-Edge and Shadows”

*Completed regular mental maths and fact review

*Explored geometry, in particular platonic solids

*Completed probability activities with coins, dice and cards



*Wrote narrations and essays related to our reading

*Identified and highlighted literary alliterations (metaphors, similes, alliteration etc) in texts and poems

*Listened to “Oliver Twist” and watched the movie

*Listened to “From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler”

*Listened to “The Haunted Room”, a Lamplighter audio

*Listened to “The ‘Strordinary Little Maid”, a Lamplighter audio

*Listened to “Dealing with Dragons”

*Listened to “Searching for Dragons”

*Read “The Silent Bells”, a Christmas novel

*Daily spelling review, punctuation exercises, diagramming and parsing exercises and cursive practise

*Read independently each day



*Completed lessons in Visual Latin and Latin’s Not So Tough

*Regular vocabulary review



*Read “Small Steps:  The Year I Got Polio”

*Read “How Did we Find Out About the Brain”

*Read “Phineas Gage”

*Watched documentary called “Brain”

*Read “The Blue Death:  The True Story of a Terrifying Epidemic”

*Read “Deaf Like Me”

*Watched season one of “Brain Games”

*Researched and observed the giant supermoon; watched animations and videos about it

*Visited the museum for the “Wild State” exhibition

*Researched information about Blue blubber jellyfish



*Read “The Story of Islam”

*Read “Rumi:  Whirling Dervishes” and watched videos of whirling dervishes

*Read “The House of Wisdom” about the library in Bagdad during the Golden Age of Islam

*Read Demi’s “Muhummad” and “Al-Ghazali”

*Read “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus”

*Read “Polishing Heaven: Polishing the Mirror of the Heart”, a Muslim story

*Read “Desert Lake:  The Story of Kati Thanda – Lake Eyre” & looked at images of the lake in wet and dry seasons

*Read “One Small Island” about Macquarie Island & its environmental damage

*Memorised and reviewed countries



*Read “Tibaldo and the Hole in the Calendar”

*Researched information about the Julian and Gregorian calendars, in particular leap years

*Watched “The Story of England”

*Watched “Andrew Marr’s History of the World”

*Read “The Greatest Treasure of Charlemagne the King”

*Watched “The Story of the Jews”

*Read “I Challenge the Dark Sea” about Prince Henry the Navigator

*Watched “The Charge of the Light Horse” and the movie “The Lighthorsemen”

*Read “Midnight – The Story of the Light Horse”

*Read “The Light Horse”

*Read “Flesh and Blood So Cheap” about the industrial revolution, immigration to the US, and a mill fire disaster

*Watched “Herod’s Lost Tomb”

*Watched “Inside Jerusalem’s Holiest Places”

*Watched “Armada”

*Listened to “The Great Trouble” about the Broad Street Pump outbreak of Cholera

*Watched “Wartime Farms” about life in the British countryside during WW2

*Read “Mailing May” about the railroads and postal system in the US

*Read “A Long, Uncertain Journey” about Vasco da Gama

*Watched “Civilisation: Is the West History?”



*Excursion to Browns Plains Landfill for the “Watch Out Waste” program (presentation about landfills, household rubbish and recycling; bus tour of the landfill)


The Arts:

*Studied famous artworks using CM methods

*Read about Grand Wood’s painting “American Gothic” and Winslow Homer’s “The Fog Warning”

*Visited the Art Gallery for the “Moving Pictures” exhibition and the “No. 1 Neighbour:  Art in Papua New Guinea” exhibition


Tech & Design:

*Ethan worked on computer programming & helped teach a weekly computer class

*Built models from a hydro pneumatic kit

*Explored the program “Unity”


Health & PE:

*Afternoons in the park and nature reserve

*Monthly trip to a trampolining centre

*Spent time at the beach and at the Broadwater

*Read “Bush Boys: An Outdoor Adventure and the ABCs of Camping”

*Researched information about skin cancers – identification and prevention

*Researched first aid for jellyfish stings


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