Demi’s Books

11 Dec

Have you discovered the books by the author and illustrator Demi?

029 (Small)003 (Small)004 (Small)006 (Small)

She is one of our favourite author illustrators.

027 (Small)

We have lots of her books.

025 (Small)

And, yet, not nearly enough of her books.

023 (Small)

In fact, I just put a stack of her books onto my wishlist.

019 (Small)

I even discovered that she has a couple of relatively new titles

–  one on Abraham Lincoln (I may have to hit “Buy” on this one)

and one called “The Shady Tree”, which is a companion to “The Empty Pot”.

017 (Small)

We often read one of Demi’s biographies

when we are learning about a significant figure for the first time.

008 (Small)

Her accounts are well written

013 (Small)

and excellent introductions.

011 (Small)

We’ve also found them to be very fair and respectful of different faiths.

015 (Small)

And she doesn’t just write biographies;

she also writes folktales.

(I want need to buy more of these).

021 (Small)

What I love the most about her books

030 (Small)

are the illustrations.

016 (Small)

They are bright,

022 (Small)

full of gorgeous patterns,

002 (Small)

and a total feast for the eyes.

018 (Small)

We particularly love her use of gold in the images.

007 (Small)

But, my very favourite thing is her use of marbled patterns.

They are gorgeous and rich.

009 (Small)

What’s not to love about her books?!

020 (Small)

Well, there is one minor thing.

I’ve learned that the hardcover books are much more beautiful than the paperbacks.

The paperbacks I’ve purchased have both been smaller than the hardcover books,

which we think detracts from the quality of the reading experience.

031 (Small)

Oh and never buy these books as ebooks.

I did that once and was so annoyed with myself.

The screen stole much of the beauty of the illustrations.

Instead, save money by buying secondhand, hardcover editions).

032 (Small)

So, if you are busy pondering books for the coming school year,

don’t overlook Demi’s books.

Our family loves them and think that yours would too.

033 (Small)

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