“The Silent Bells”

14 Dec

If you are looking for a lovely Christmas story this season,

you might like “The Silent Bells”.

A dear friend blessed our family with a copy of this book

and we loved it.

The story is based on a Swiss legend.

The ‘Silent Bells’ are bells that hang in a cathedral

and that could not ring until the ‘right’ gift

was presented to the carved baby Jesus in the Nativity creche.

Anne-Marie, the main character in the story,

is excited about the coming Christmas

as a prince is coming to the cathedral and his rich gift will surely make the bells rings.

However, her own gift to the Christ child is uncertain,

particularly after several encounters with strangers.

001 (Small)

If you want a Christmas book about love and generosity,

then “The Silent Bells” may be the book you are after.

(Sadly, you’ll have to hunt for a copy of this book in secondhand stores.

I found this copy for my nieces at Abebooks.)

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