CIRCE – One of My Favourite Websites

16 Dec
Have you discovered the CIRCE Institute?
CIRCE is a treasure trove for educators looking to educate Classically
(that is, educating with the primary goal of cultivating wisdom and virtue).

CIRCE is one of my most visited websites during the week.

I’m always reading something from CIRCE.
There are lots of articles and posts to read

(Mostly recently I read “From Arts to Subjects“.)

I listen to all of their Mason Jar podcasts,
where Cindy Rollins shares her wisdom and experience.
I’ve also started listening to the Close Reads podcasts.
(I’ve recently been listening into their discussions about Jane Austen’s book “Pride and Prejudice”).

And that’s just two of their six podcast channels!

I also love, love, love their audios.
There’s a whole bunch of free audio,
Lately, I’ve been listening to everything by Angelina Stanford.
(Most recently, I listened to her “The Ancients versus the Moderns” audio about Gulliver’s Travels,
so, now you know what I have to read next).
I don’t get into my car, if I’m going to be driving by myself, without an audio from CIRCE!

CIRCE also has a free magazine,
(although for non-US residents, it’s only an online publication, that doesn’t have a print option,
which breaks my heart and I’m still trying to get over).
Every year I hang out for this magazine, and, then, I read it more than once.

(If you are looking for something good to read over the holidays, the latest issue was just released.)

CIRCE even has books and curriculum for you to buy.
I know!ย  These people have all my favourite things.
Next year, we’ll be starting their writing curriculum, “The Lost Tools of Writing“.
I’ve also ordered their literature guide for “The Iliad”.
I’m very keen to have a look at that.

Oh and I loved their two recently released books by Cindy Rollins,”Mere Motherhood” and “A Handbook for Morning Time“.

At CIRCE, I find pointers towards all my Classical Education needs

– Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

If you haven’t visited their website,
you should.
(No, this is not a paid promotion.ย  I just wondered what I could share today and decided that I should share one of my favourite website.)

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