Reviewing 2016 in Pictures

08 Jan

2016 was a big year.

In January,

we prepared for a trip to the East Coast of the US,


we spent time at the beach with dear friends,

051 (Small)

we went to the theatre (more than once),

IMG_0134 (Small)

and went to the museum for another “It’s Atomic” workshop.

037 (Small)

In February,

we flew to the US.

276 (Small)

We spent a week in New York,

129 (Small)

where we fell in love with the city,

071 (Small)

and experienced real snow for the first time.

053 (Small)

Then, we drove to Boston for several days,

130 (Small)

where we experienced extreme negative temperatures.

401 (Small)

Next, we popped into Salem

014 (Small)

before spending a few days in Philadelphia.

121 (Small)

Finally, we spent several days in Washington,

290 (Small)

where we drooled over books in the Library of Congress before flying home.

048 (Small)

In March,

we met my new niece, Evie, who was born the day we arrived in New York.


In April,

we were in full swing with school.

009 (Small)

In May,

we were still working hard,

005 (Small)

reading our way through piles of books.

004 (Small)

We also spent time doing a little woodwork with Grandad.

520 (Small)

In June,

we went to Queensland University of Technology (QUT) for a rocket science workshop,

007 (Small)

we tried lino printing,

058 (Small)

we learned about local government,

040 (Small)

and we visited the ‘Spirit of Anzac’ exhibition.

125 (Small)

In July,

we returned to QUT for a electronics workshop

031 (Small)

and we went to the theatre (more than once).

001 (Small)
In August,

we went to QUT for a robotics workshop,

016 (Small)

we introduced my niece to the Science Centre,

117 (Small)

we explored the Raspberry Pi,

010 (Small)

and went to a Shakespeare play.

002 (Small)

In September,

we went on an excursion to Wivenhoe Dam,

010 (Small)

where we tested the water quality

056 (Small)

before relocating to the Mt Crosby Water Treatment Plant for a tour.

096 (Small)

We also went to the circus.

174 (Small)

In October,

we went on a bus tour of a local landfill site,

030 (Small)

we went trampolining again,

033 (Small)

and enjoyed yet another book club in the bush.

017 (Small)
In November,

we went to the Brisbane Art Gallery,

011 (Small)

we went to the museum,

106 (Small)

and we went to the beach to see the giant supermoon.

129 (Small)

In December,

we went to the beach

349 (Small)

more than once.

171 (Small)

We also went to the Gallery of Modern Art

003 (Small)

and the Lego “Wonders of the World” exhibition.

159 (Small)

Then, at the end of 2016, we celebrated Christmas and waited for the new year.

012 (Small)

Who knows what great things 2017 will hold.


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