Did You Start School Work Today?

24 Jan

We didn’t.

Well, not really.

We sat and read aloud for hours on end

(in two sessions, so my voice would last),

but, reading aloud is hardly ‘work’.

Plus, we never really stopped reading aloud over the holidays.

(Today, we read the final 8 chapters of “Spice and the Devil’s Cave”.  Truly excellent book!)

We plan on ‘officially’ starting school next week

– by that, I mean, we’ll pick up pens and add written work to our reading aloud.

A couple of days ago, I had surgery on my face to remove a skin lesion,

so, I figured I needed this week to recover.

(I never nap, but, this week, I’m a napping nana!)

Besides, who says we have to start school

when everyone else is starting school.

That’s a bonus of homeschooling

– we make our own times.

We may start school a week later than school kids,

but, at the same time, you may often find us at work well after 3pm,

on weekends and even on holidays.

So, it more than evens out in the end.

Hence, with no feelings of guilt at all,

we’ll be picking up pens next week, not this week.

I suppose you could call it an extended “Not Back to School” celebration.






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Posted by on January 24, 2017 in Homeschooling Days


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