How We Spent Our ‘Not Ready to Start School’ Week

26 Jan

As I said in my last post, we didn’t start school this week.

However, reading aloud always happens around here.

How else can you fill all those hours in a day if you aren’t reading something?!

So our week still looked rather ‘schooly’, which is pretty normal for us.

We simply aren’t normal people.

Anyway, on Monday, we actually went to a real live school.

Yep, true story!

But, there were no kids.

Well, unless you count my two.

We were helping hubby clean and prepare his classroom for the first day of his school.

Then, on Tuesday, we sat down and polished off eight chapters of “Spice and the Devil’s Cave”.

Great book, by the way.

005 (Small)

On Wednesday, we sat together and read through the remaining chapters of

“Around the World in a Hundred Years: From Henry the Navigator to Magellan”.

If you could only read one book about the Age of Exploration,

then, this is the book I would choose.

It’s very well written and contains fairly detailed chapters on the key explorers –

Prince Henry the Navigator, Bartholomew Dias, Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama,

John Cabot, Ferdinand Magellan and others.

006 (Small)

And on Thursday, that’s today, we read Stuart Waldman’s “Magellan’s World”.

This “Great Explorer” series is fantastic.

(We have all except 3 of the books in the series

and this afternoon that number was reduced to 2.)

007 (Small)

Every book in the series is a picture book,

however, the accounts are quite detailed and take a while to read.

008 (Small)

I also loved the fold-out map that we could keep open and in view as we read the account.

009 (Small)

In honour of Australia Day, which is today,

we read a couple of picture books about the First Fleet and the first Australia Day.

002 (Small)

Then, this afternoon, we sat down as a family and watched the documentary,

“Arthur Phillip:  Governor, Sailor, Spy”.

(For my overseas readers, Arthur Phillip was the man in charge of bringing the first colonist/convicts to Australia.

He was also the first governor of our first settlement).

003 (Small)

Gosh the ABC Store has some great documentaries.

I might have to toddle over to their website and see what else they have on offer.

I bought this documentary when their bricks n mortar stores were closing down.

I was one of the only people in the documentary section of the store.

Everyone else was wasting their money on television show merchandise.

004 (Small)

And, tonight, we plan on watching an episode of a documentary about the history of spice.

Tomorrow, will be a social day.

First a trip to the surgeon to remove my stitches,

then a trip to the store to find a birthday present for my youngest niece

(yes, she’s nearly one already!),

and then we’ll spend the afternoon in the park with friends.

All in all, I think it was a pretty good, “Not Ready to Start School” week.


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2 responses to “How We Spent Our ‘Not Ready to Start School’ Week

  1. Petra

    February 5, 2017 at 3:50 am

    A good day then 🙂 Where did you get those Aussie books from please – An Uncommonly Fine Day and The First Fleet? Also the DVD? I suppose they were from the ABC shop? xo

    • Tracey

      February 5, 2017 at 4:49 am

      Arthur Phillip was from the ABC shop (although you might find it at the library too) and the two books are books I’ve had for a long time. They were probably from a Lifeline booksale.


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