A Glimpse of My Week in Bullet Points

11 Mar
*  We had a family emergency this week (nothing major) and we had to help look after my nieces for a day.  There is nothing nicer than snuggling with little people all day.  We went to the park, to an environmental centre and an animal park.  Then, while little Missy 1 napped, we played shop with little Missy 4 and read piles of picture books.
017 (Small)
043 (Small)

*  We finished an audio story this week – “Age of Miracles”.  I can’t recommend it though; there was way too much swearing in it and a few other eye popping moments.  But the blurb sounded so interesting – the earth’s rotation was slowing down causing all sorts of problems.  We love a survival story but this one, despite it’s promising blurb, didn’t really hit the mark.  Shame.  The concept had such potential.

004 (Small)

*  Our documentary this week was called, “Federation”.  It was excellent.  I would definitely recommend it.  Somehow it made a rather dull topic quite interesting.  (We watch a documentary of some kind most nights of the week).  Tonight we are watching “Charles Kingsford Smith”. (Later – It wasn’t a very good documentary at all!)

001 (Small)005 (Small)

*  I finished reading two children’s books (I love children’s literature) this week.  First, I read, “Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos”.  It was a good little read (the book is part of a series).  The main character, Theodosia, spends her days in the museum (her parents work there) removing curses from the artifacts that her parents bring back from Egypt.  But one particular artifact causes her all manner of grief.  It would be a great book for anyone studying Ancient Egypt.  The other book was “The Scourge” and I really liked this book (although the ending was a smidge weak).  The Scourge is a deadly disease and people who contract it are isolated on an island.  Then, Ani and Weevil are captured and tested for the disease and are told they have it.  I enjoyed this book so much that I’m on the hunt for more of the author’s books.

003 (Small)002 (Small)

* Oh and we were given a meat tray this week.  So, we’ve been eating roast, sausages, steaks, lamb chops and pork chops.  Clearly, we aren’t vegetarian.  Is there any such things as a meatatarian?!

067 (Small)

*We’ve been reading a stack of books as well.  That’s nearly always the favourite part of our weeks.

001 (Small)

Who knows what next week will hold?  Definitely more books!


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