14 Mar

“Don’t you love it?”

The subject that your children jump with joy about completing each day.

The subject that doesn’t cause you any grief at all.

The subject that simply makes you swoon.

Okay, who am I kidding!

It’s Math I’m talking about, not Art!

Math can be hard work.

And it’s most likely the cause of at least some of our grey hairs.


do I have anything really insightful to impart about Math

that will solve all of your problems?

002 (Small)


But I will say this:

If Math is done consistently, every single day,

it makes it just that bit easier.

Ignore the complaints, whines and grumbles

(well, give a quick commiseration if you wish),

and just dive into it

(kind of like pulling off a bandaide).

001 (Small)

I’m a smidge lucky.

Both of my boys are working on the same level of Math

so I only need to tackle one level of Math at a time.

This allows me to literally work alongside my boys.

I have my own Math book and I sit and do the very same Math as my men.

Side by side, we tackle Math.

I help them; they help me.

And we all benefit from the companionship

…and often the combined brain power.

It works really well for us.

003 (Small)

And, once we’ve got over our grumbles at the beginning,

we usually find that we quite enjoy Math

…well, some days.

It is Math afterall.


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