Gem From a Clearance Table

16 Mar

You have to ALWAYS check the clearance tables at a bookstore.


Underneath the piles of trashy books,

(and there’s always lots of those),

there are often treasures

just waiting to be found.

Look what I found!

Fortuyn’s Ghost” by Mark Greenwood

001 (Small)

I have a stack of books by this author and the illustrator.

005 (Small)

Mark Wilson has a very distinct type of illustration.

I can always pick his books.

003 (Small)

The author, Mark Greenwood is also a kind of illustrator I suppose

– he illustrates with words.

Reading aloud his books is a delight.

004 (Small)

This book find was so perfectly timed.

It’s about a Dutch ship that was shipwrecked somewhere off the west coast of Australia.

And at the moment, that’s exactly what we’re reading about in History

– early maritime encounters with Australia.

Unfortunately, the Fortuyn had a rather unpleasant ‘encounter’ with Australia,

but, sadly, so did so many other ships.

(I love books that contain an information page for sharing additional information.)

006 (Small)

And  how much did this treasure cost me?

Drum rolls, please.

It was only $2!!!


002 (Small)

Hmmm…maybe I shouldn’t have told everyone about my book buying tip.

Now, all the clearance tables will be picked over.

Okay, just forget everything I said.

You read nothing.


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