My Week in Bullet Points

31 Mar

It has been an eventful week around here.

*On Sunday, we had our annual chocolate day.  Essentially, it’s Easter but not on Easter.  I’m loathed to equate chocolate with the resurrection of Jesus, so, when our boys were younger, we created chocolate day, which is just any other day we randomly pick to give our children chocolate by making them hunt for it.  Yep, they still like to hunt for it.

001 (Small)

*On Tuesday, Queensland went through a Category 4 cyclone, which had us glued to our tvs. My parents made it home before it hit, but, sadly, all of our relatives live in the regions that were affected. I’m so glad my parents chose to move when we were young, otherwise I might still live in that region.

*This week I babysat my nieces for a day.  Little Missy 4 asked us to bring our gyrocars over as she just received her own for her birthday.  So up and down the street they charged all afternoon

009 (Small)

…until Little Missy got tired and begged for a ride home.

013 (Small)

*Only one book arrived at my door this week.  I know.  What a pathetic book purchasing week!

003 (Small)

As I wrote that last line, I thought to myself, “I haven’t even checked the mail today”.  So, out I went, and what did I find?!  Three book parcels!!!  Honestly!  I’m not exaggerating!  So now it’s an excellent book week.  🙂  (Yes, some of these books are secondhand.)

004 (Small)

*On Thursday, our premier closed all of the state, Catholic and independent schools in our region due to a severe weather event and expected flash flooding.  My boys were distressed – the premier said nothing at all about closing homeschools.  So we continued with school as usual, even though hubby was sent home from his school.  We got a lot of rain that day and some decent wind gusts but no damage or flooding at my house.

003 (Small)

*Then, today, we were greeted by emergency messages on our phones.  It’s not flooded in our immediate area but just across the highway from us is now a huge inland sea.  So whoever is praying for rain, can you please stop now before it’s lapping at my ankles too.

002 (Small)

And, as of this afternoon, we are now on holidays for two whole weeks.


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