It’s a Bit Wet Around Here

03 Apr

We’ve had a ‘bit’ of rain around here recently.

So much so that the premier closed all of the schools in the region for two whole days.

It’s a bit of an epic event; the result of ex-cyclone Debbie.

039 (Small)

Yesterday, on the way home, we stopped at the little Red Bridge to have a look at the flooding.

024 (Small)

We live nearby but our little pocket of the area is completely water-free (thankfully),

so it was a bit surreal to see all this water so close to home.

025 (Small)

It’s more like an inland lake than a river,

036 (Small)

and so fast flowing and treacherous.

There was lots of debris around the area – a pole, a water tank,

and all sorts of mysterious objects

that you can only wonder where they came from and what they used to be.

052 (Small)

It was amazing to see.

038 (Small)

This is a park we quite enjoy visiting.

I dare say we won’t be visiting any time soon,

well, not without a dingy or a canoe.

040 (Small)

The river apparently peaked on Saturday (these photos were taken on Sunday)

so I dare say it’ll take a couple of days before the river is back within its banks.

What’s left behind will be a lot of work to clean up,

especially for all those people whose homes were in the path of this water.

055 (Small)

The good news is that all the dams in the area had a much needed topping up.


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